Contributing Writers

                                                                                       Behind this cover (and almost 70 pages past it) is something that I wrote. About 130 words in two blurbs (65 a piece) with my full name in the byline in the first and my initials in the second one. I’m so excited about, I can’t even focus on the beauty that is Maxwell!

Don’t ask how it happened. It just say patience, perseverance and God go a loooong way.

This week started to be pretty dismal, but when my mom called to tell me my very own copy had come in the mail, it got much better. Now all I need is the check. My very own  byline and knowing that I’ve contributed to such a great magazine (this issue is pretty hot, btw.) are enough though.

The blurbs are under UPTOWN Flavor, Smokin’ Hot, featuring the best barbecue spots in major cities. You know they couldn’t forget about the BBQ Capital, Memphis, Tenn.!

So that’s it. My latest contribution to journalism (no matter how small).

By the way, I’m on Twitter @Alisha8151.


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