My Issue With “Regrets”

Clutch posted the the new video for LeToya’s Luckett’s single, “Regret.”

I don’t have any commentary about the video (**crickets**), it’s the lyrics that strike a chord with me.
About two months ago, a local deejay premiered the song, saying it was a “banger” and the “ladies are already feeling this one.” I listened and simply wasn’t impressed…with the words. Here are a few:

I made you cool
You wasn’t that dude
Until i started fuckin with you
Gave you swag, and a duffel bag
You left the best you had now you gotta act like that
I got you right
I changed your life
Suicide doors I cosigned
Gucci rags, Louis travel bags
You left the best you had, baby don’t look so mad

You must regret the day that you left me
You still tryin to get back
Still tryin to get back

VIP was all on me
Now you’re at the bar with 1 or 2 drinks
Poppin game, you look so lame
Without me your pimpin aint the same
First class flights
Dipped in ice
I had your neck and wrist oh so bright
Poppin tags, is a thing of the past
You lost the things you had chasin those

You get the point. In layman’s terms, how dare you drop me for that chick after everything I’ve given you and done for you? She’s a “scallywag.” She doesn’t keep you in the hottest clothes and rides like I do. Now, you’re back to scrub status. Don’t even try to come back.

I know its’ “just a song,” but in the words of Savannah on Waiting to Exhale, “Somebody had to go through this stuff, ya know?”

First, the materialism in the lyrics is mind-blowing, but that’s another post for another time. Besides, nothing gets airplay like spouting off designer names who don’t want to see us in their shit anyway. But I digress. On to my question.

In terms of giving in a relationship, are we putting value in the right things?
There was a post on A Belle In Brooklyn a while back (No link; I refuse to look for it) where a young professional woman wanted to know why her boyfriend left her for a woman who had a mediocre job and no education. Belle made a point that’s stuck with me since reading: Men don’t require degrees, baller-status jobs and flashy cars. Women do. At the very least, a man requires respect, love and the need to feel needed.

With that being said, keep the LV totes and Gucci rags (although I’m not against nice gifts for those love). Who cares if you drip him in ice? Hell, why are you doing that in the first place? Is there any reciprocity?

What else do you have to offer besides material things? *This is a question for men and women.

Disclaimer: The writer’s thoughts and opinions on LeToya Luckett’s “Regret” is not a reflection of the writer’s views on the actual artist. The writer is a fan of Luckett’s work and has been since the days of Beyonce & ‘Nem.


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