There’s Something Religious About You

Whoever said that art imitates life knew what they were talking about. Driving to work a couple of weeks ago, the deejay dropped a random single from R. Kelly’s Untitled album (which I have yet to buy, probably won’t). For a minute, I was vibing to the beat. You never know what Kels will say though. Turns out, it’s a song about his woman’s strong, maybe unconditional, love for him. He’s done her wrong so many times, yet she still stands by him. 

Take a listen:

I get it. This woman’s love for him is so blind, it’s compared to, perhaps the love of Jesus (hence, the “religious” part?). Every Sunday in church, I hear something similar to, “Lord, you take me as I am.” or “Lord, you forgive me for all my wrong. Thank You for your grace and mercy.” I could go on and on.

A relationship with a significant other or mate will never compare to a relationship with Christ, so I won’t even go there. The lyrics made me ask a few questions about relationships: Does standing by while you’re cheated on, lied to and heartbroken repeatedly really prove your undying love for a man (or woman)? 

Do some men think they need to “test” women to see if they’re “down” for them by committing wrongful acts in a relationship? This speaks to the man’s level of maturity, but it happens everyday. Let’s say a woman is wronged (neglected, taken advantage of, cheated on, etc.). When she stays in a relationship or takes the man back, most times it’s not because of this unconditional love, it’s because she hopes things will change.

Furthermore, at what point does allowing the same behavior to happen and negatively affect you cross the line from “religous love” to stupidity though? It may take years, hell, even decades, but after so much, grace and mercy can run out in a relationship. A woman can forgives, but she never forgets. These days, she forgives, but doesn’t let you forget. A monthly withdrawal of millions from your account will serve as a constant reminder. Why risk it in the first place?


2 thoughts on “There’s Something Religious About You

  1. GIRL bye on that Kels…I can no longer support him for obvious reasons.
    Now on to real…you know if I were a judgemental person-which I tend to be-I would put a big ass X on a lot of people’s realtionships…but who am I to judge…I guess pain is relative…however comparing the strength of a woman to Jesus is uh, idk, foolish. Now yes, given, women are built “Ford tough!” It’s just in out make-up to be stronger than men, which further leads me down a confusing path when we appear so dumbfounded by mens (consistent) disrespect…sure it works both ways, but when are women ALLOWED to just be like “fuck you, I can do bad all by damn self!” Which is why I applaud Elin for not doing what society expects & doing what is BESt for HER & her children-@ least that is what I would hope to be her agenda…
    There has to be a stopping point to everything…I mean love is fine but why does it entail being a fool too?! That’s all I’m saying!

    BTW-Hey Alisha, girl! 🙂 Love the new place!

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