This Ish Right Here

As I was getting dressed this morning, I saw a segment on Good Morning America about an organized snowball fight in DC gone wrong.  Apparently, a guy’s Hummer was attacked during the snowball fight and the driver no likey. Not only that, but turns out, he was a police detective–Detective Baylor–to be exact, in plain clothes. He’d had enough of the foolishness, got out of the truck and drew his gun. Um, okay. I really had no thoughts on it…until I saw the video.

It was a black dude. FAIL

Now why didn’t that surprise me? Only a black man will get out of his car in a damn blizzzard, ready to bust his gun at a group of kids throwing snowballs at his car. I find it funny as hell, yet embarrassing and stereotypical all at the same time. I mean, they were yelling, “Don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight!” Must the black man be pinned as the “violent beast” always? On the other hand, dude was as crazy as a box of rocks for getting out, pulling a gun and roughing one of the guys up. Should he be fired though? Uh, no. 

According to ABC News, someone in the crowd said, “We don’t feel safe with him here,” supposedly in reference to Baylor, a detective in DC.

Oh, the irony.


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