Empire State of Mind

“Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls.” ~Carrie Bradshaw

Lately, I’ve been posting about random stuff: current events, my opinions, my writing career (something you might not give a damn about, but I hope you do!), etc. Now it’s time to show my true colors. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post this. Without further ado….the trailer for Sex and the City 2.

It hits theaters May 28, 2010. I’m so there. I saw the first one with my Mama (yes, we hang like that.). It was great. I laughed and cried, as if I was watching my very own life unfold on the silver screen (I know you get chills when Charlotte screams on Big in the middle of the street). It was a feel-good movie for us emotional creatures called women, even though I heard men rave over it, too. (I remember my apartment being packed with more guys than women for the last episode on HBO in 2004.) Sex and the City comes on atleast four times a week and every time, I’m sucked into it. Laughing and crying at the exact same parts. I’m such a sap.

This time, I want to go all out for it. Get dressed up for it, have drinks, make it an event, instead of a matinee Saturday outing. While I wish I could do the same for a Girlfriends: The Movie, I can’t. I’ll make due–fabulously.


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