2009 Rewind

Hello 2010!! In the words of Akeem, Prince of Zamunda, “I am very happy to be here!!!” Just nine hours ago, it was 2009. What a whirlwind year that was. In the process of trying to get New Year’s Eve plans together, I neglected the blog. Here are a few things that happened the last year of the Y2K decade.

(In no particular order)

1. I became a homeowner.

 (This is NOT my house)

In April, I got pre-qualified to buy a home. It was so random and even more unexpected. Before I knew it, I was sitting outside of my house-to-be giving my realtor a blank stare. “So, you wanna put an offer on the table?” she asked. **Crickets**I didn’t think I could handle the responsibility of owning a home, let alone paying for one. A maintenance man doesn’t come with a home like an apartment does. Long story-short, I took the  plunge. And I was SICK and DEPRESSED due to my doubt in taking such a big step–even after I left the closing table. All of that changed the night I woke up in my house for the first time. Can you say thankful??!! Yep, God is good.

2. My aunt passed away.

My aunt on my dad’s side passed away in May from Cancer that I didn’t even know she had. Seeing my cousin, who’s the same age as me, cry at the funeral was extremely hard to do.

3. #10yearsago….


I was senior in high school, then a freshman at Southern University. Last year, I helped to put reunions together for both of those milestones. I had the BEST high school reunion ever. Reconnected with old friends and associates, came together for a classmate in need and partied hard. It’s clear that I can’t do it like I used to.

4. Michael Jackson

Yeah, if friends are reading this, don’t act like you see it coming. Yes, I’ve always been a MJ fan, even when I was scared shitless of Thriller and Captain Eon at Disney World’s Epcot Center. He was SO CUTE. When I heard about his death, I realized how much I loved him. It was like I lost a family member. Michael Jackson has always been there—for the duruation of generations’ lives, including my mama’s. I cried, bought every commemorative magazine, watched every Youtube clip of him and found every never before seen picture of him. Talk about emotionally-exhausting. Six months later, I still listen to him atleast twice a week. “Lady In My Life” is my FAVORITE. This year, I promise I’ll be in Brooklyn for Spike Lee’s picnic.

5. President Obama’s Inauguration

What a historic and fun time I had with the girls in DC! Standing out on the lawn during Obama’s swearing-in, it was FREEZING. My feet were numb, yet my toes were burning. I could feel atleast two pairs of breasts on my arm because we were packed like sardines. Being me, I cried, but that should be no surprise. See my account of the Inauguration here.

6. Found my mentor in my head

Aliya S. King  is THE woman. I remember seeing her byline in Vibe when I was younger. I stumbled on to her blog one day and I have been hooked ever since. She is a great motivator, which is something I need. She’s even doles out advice that we, new writers would have never known, if it weren’t for her site. That’s her book by the way, available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

7. Copped a cover story, a byline in a major mag and interviewed the finest man in the world (to me).

Kids, cold-emailing (sometimes stalking) works!! Atleast, it has for me. Time to pull some new tricks out of my sleeve.

8. Countless magazine went to the great Cabin in the Sky.

Last year we said goodbye (and thankfully hello again) to VIBE, King, Domino and GIANT, among hundreds others.  Check it out.

9. Twitter

Hated it before. Now I love it. I find out that people are just as random as I am. It’s a great way to connect and speak with people you had no idea you’d get to. Hey Tweeps!

10. I crossed over into iLand.

Remember the throwback logo? Last week I broke down and bought an iPhone. My BlackBerry’s trackball was laid to rest atleast a month ago. I was tired of using the phone commands to text and let’s not even talk about no ability to get surf the web. Immediately after church, I drove to the first AT&T store I saw and took the plunge. I’d never considered anything Apple has to offer. I don’t have an ipod; I have a Sony mp3 player. I don’t have a Mac Pro; I have a regular PC.  Now, I have this stinkin’ iPhone and I LOVE IT!! Peer pressure is a mutha!

11. Single Ladies

Try if you want, but you can’t deny the machine that is Beyonce/Sasha Fierce. Iusually skip “Single Ladies” on the playlist, but when it does come on, I JAM! Only Bey can have women (and men) walking around in bodysuits, doing majorette dance moves. Gotta love it!

The year 2009 was a great year, full of trials, tests of faith and fun. I know 2010 will be even better. Thank God!


3 thoughts on “2009 Rewind

  1. Sounds like you had a great year! Congrats on the house! I’m working my way up to it. I always said I wanted one by 30…then remembered I lived in NYC and that might end up being more like 35….for a condo…sigh:-/ It always makes me contemplate a move, lol. But I’ll get there…I know it!!

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