Random Files Friday

In an effort to make this a blog that people actually read consistently, I’ve been reading alot about blogging lately. My old blog was up and running for close to three years, but something was missing. It seems that folks have made blogging a lucrative career, as well as a marketing tool for upcoming projects, in addition to a place where readers can discuss (argue) current events and issues. If you want to see “Comment Section Drama” make sure you check out these posts on Belle.

Anyway, just this morning, I forwarded a link from Honey about blogging to a soror who wants to join the movement. Check it here.

“The first thing you must decide is why you are starting this blog and what you want it to be about. Once you have the idea it is time to brainstorm. Keeping a blog up is a lot of work so it is important that you make sure that you will have enough to talk about once you start. Map out a 3-month plan for your site. Write down potential article ideas. You may event want to designate certain days to specific topics.”

Okay, I ain’t done none of dat! I can barely map out a three-week plan. I italicized the last sentence because I want to try this as a test of my ability to follow through and be consistent.

I present to you: Random Files Friday!

I’m the type of person who comes across all kinds of crazy ish—from witnessing the bum fight on the trolley tracks during lunch to being laughed off the carwash lot because my car had been completely covered in mud. (I had to drive with my head out the window on the expressway like Ace Ventura. smh) I figure by Friday, so many random thoughts have come and gone across my mind. So many thinks have happened (hopefully). It’s a perfect time to unwind. So let’s begin!

1. You heard about the guy who shot the federal security guard in Vegas, right? Turns out, he’s from Memphis. (Surprise, surprise) He’d also had some other run-ins with the law here (murder charge) in the 70s that supposedly sent him packing to the West Coast. Driving to work yesterday, I tuned in to the local morning show. A lady was discussing the ordeal, almost defending him because the government is always playing with people’s money anyway. It was his granddaughter. Apparently, she called in to say her Paw Paw wasn’t a bad man just because he shot someone. She doesn’t appreciate the judgement and now they have to get his body back home, yadda yadda. **crickets**

I get it. Who wants to hear others drag their family member’s name through the mud on national and local television? I wouldn’t, but let’s look at the facts. He’s dead. The security guard is dead. There seemed to be no consideration for the other family who’s involved. How about praying for strength both families and forgiveness on his behalf? Moving on.

2. I stayed at home yesterday and in the midst of the excitement about the story, the adrenaline was sky high. My cell rang…a 202 number. I just knew it was the college BFF in DC, hence the 202 number. Here my crazy self goes:

Me: What up, MANE???!!!


Her: Hello?

Me: Yeahhhh….this is Alisha

Her: Umm, hi….This is Crissy from Dr. Grubin’s office

Me: **Crickets*** Oh!!! Hi, how are you??

No recovery time whatsoever! Too damn embarrassed! The 202 wasn’t the area code, it was the prefix. Crissy went on to remind me about my follow-up appointment. How am I gonna walk in there like the respectable, professional that I am now? LMAO

3. My co-worker just informed me that Rihanna never graduated from high school. Not sure what to say to that. Ummm, I don’t give a damn? I’m so over her on so many levels. Next….

4. The Facebook “Project” . How long it did it take men to figure out why the hell women on Facebook were posting “colors” in their statuses? How about forever? Here’s what Newsweek had to say about it, “What Color Is Your Bra?” , but even better here’s what a couple of guy FB friends said:

“Ok ladies…I hate to break it to u but uhhh…if they ain’t D’s, then we really don’t care what color u wear!”

“So the REAL question to you ladies is do your bra match your panties!!!!!”

5. I can’t even expound on this ish right here. Just read it. Yet again, more proof that birth control wasn’t invented for nothin!


6. In light of this Reggie Bush/Essence cover drama, it’s obvious more than ever that people just can’t be satisfied. First, there were issues because they seem to rotate the same 10-15 folks on every cover. We get something new (well, not the picture) and now it’s an abomination because he’s not dating a black woman. Now, I hear Essence is changing up the format to include letters to Reggie Bush. This could get ugly. The only gripe I have with Essence is (1) send my issues on time and (2) give me a shot on an article.

Okay, what random things are on your mind?


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