Random Files: Weekend Edition

I know I’m supposed to do this on Fridays, but I don’t think I was anywhere near a computer then, so here are a few random things from the weekend.

1. WHO DAT!!!! Yeah, the Saints won. Thank God. That’s not the random part though. What’s random is the pizza delivery boy looking at me with the WTF face as I did a jig for a touchdown when he came to the door. Nevermind the fact that I had a head full of rollers and robe on. Instead of giving me my pizza, he just stood there and said, “Oh…I see you’re watching the game..(blank stare).”

2. If you watched the game, you missed MY alma mater, Southern University’s “Human Jukebox” Marching Band during halftime. Yes, they are THE Best Band in the Land and no one can tell us different. Don’t make me pull out a Youtube video on ya’ll!

3. I’m glad the Saints won, but I still like Favre. He’s played the game for 19 years! He took some major hits–like about 14 of em. I felt like his wife, sitting there silently praying that her husband isn’t beaten to a pulp. His love for the game won’t let him sit his ass down though. For some reason, I think he’s okay with not winning. Upset about losing (he wasnt available for an interview after the game), but okay with not winning.

4. As a favor for a friend (and trying to step outside the box), I served as a hostess for a birthday party with VIP guests. For the record:

Tela (Sho’Nuff/Sex Faces) is quite handsome in person. Jazzy Pha is just as big as in he seems to be on television (but he’s so nice!). Lame’ leggings should be banned for women of ALL ages. Women ages 25-60 had them on and they all looked like they were wrapped in aluminum foil or Reese’s peanut butter cups. Not classy, ladies.

5. Beware of events with the tagline: Grown & Sexy. Usually, how it should really read is Hood & Gangsta or Ancient & Decrepit. I may have experienced both last weekend. I’ve never seen so many sweater vests pulled over overlapping stomachs, women 50+ dropping it, fly-collar-wearing men and young girls poppin it on Paw Paw barefoot in one place in my life.  

6. Damn you, CB and Omarion! It is because of you (and Usher, too, I guess) that men think they are dancing machines and would much rather dance with themselves and each other than a woman. Case and point: Guy asks me to dance. He’s dressed like Usher circa “Yeah” video. I oblige. We start off with a two-step. I turn around and this fool is getting it IN with himself on the dance floor. Wiping himself down, jiggin, preppin..the whole nine. I’m convinced I was only used a prop so he wouldn’t look suspect.

7. I finally watched Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, without knowing it. It kept me on pins and needles the entire time. Clearly, this country was built on slavery and the degradation of anything/anyone thought to be against or who as not a white male. Disgusting. If it were up to the forefathers, I guess we’d still be in the slave quarters, itching to the get to the Big House. Womenfolk would still be considered high-strung, crazy-in-the-head, irrational idiots only fit to birth children and keep house. I wish they could see Oprah and the First Family. They’ve got to turning in their graves. **Doing my Diddy “Take that, take that!” Dance.

8. I’m too geeked about the Michael Jackson performance in 3-D for the Grammy’s. I officially could give a damn about Bey this time. We know who’s really the main attraction. Dead or alive. I guess I’ll head to Target for the 3-D glasses.

9. I checked my subscriber stats this weekend. I saw my mother’s email address. **Crickets** I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though. Hey Mama!

10. I reported a fire. Driving home Saturday night, I notice smoke coming from a building off of the expressway. I dismissed it until I saw the flames behind the building. I found the address and called the fire department. Supposedly, they sent someone out. I felt accomplished in a weird way. **Kanye shrug**


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