Random Files: Snowed-In Edition

I should’ve been writing things down! It’s too much going on. Let’s start with this:

1. I have been trapped in the house for two days straight. We’re iced/snowed in. Luckily, I stocked up on snacks at high-ass Kroger on Thursday. I’ve eaten everything in sight. I guess I eat when I get bored.

2. Standing in line at Kroger, I noticed they were selling the “This Is It” DVD by the customer service desk. Really? I guess that’s not as bad as them selling Jackson 5 tapes at the gas station, next to the “sushi bar.” #FAIL

3. I decided to assign my students a listening exercise, which included watching the State of the Union. When I asked what was happening that evening, a student said, “Aww, the game comin on.” After I told them about the SOTU, he asked, “Who do it?” followed by “What he gon be talkin bout?” Can you tell what kind of semester I’m going to have?

4. The Miss America pageat came on TLC. Remember when it used to be a big deal? On major networks? Congratulations to Carressa Cameron though. Another black queen!

5. This has been on mind for months now, but when I saw this tweet, it pretty much summed up my thoughts on the matter:

AMEN RT @thetillshow RT @Vandalyzm: Ladies, seriously..us men dont give a shit about your eyelashes. Stop spending money to make them longer

No woman loves glam more than me, but these fake eyelashes are getting out of hand. I get the special occasion lashes–the “It’s My Birthday” lashes or “I’m Walking the Red Carpet” lashes. Where the problem comes in is when women don’t’know how long the lashes should be. If I see one more woman walking around with bat wings on her eyes, I will scream. You can’t even blink or the the lashes are so heavy, you automatically have to close your eyes. GTHOH with that! Less is more.

6. Walking around Target, I saw this:

Yes, people, if you look closely, you’ll see that in the African American hair section, there’s now weave (human hair) and african color beads at your disposal. First Lottabody setting lotion, now this. Target has officially been “urbanized.”

7. I just finished watching the Michael Jackson tribute on the Grammy’s. I went to Target, specifically to get the 3-D glasses, and they didn’t even work! Either way, I enjoyed it.

8. So Bey gets emotional during her acceptance speech and acknowledges Jay has her husband and even says she loves him. Groundbreaking ish, right? Who knew that a woman simply acknowledging the man she’s legally bound to would be so exciting… and awkward?

Bey: I love you!

Jay’s face: Wait, hold up, you’re deviating from the plan! You doin too much!

Looks like somebody’s finally ready to stop the charade.

9. My mama called and told me she bought me a trampoline. I’ll just leave it at that. Well, it’s a small one.


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