The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

No, I’m talking about James Brown. I’m talking about the guy who you will undoubtedly see in every movie associated with African-American culture. Every genre–drama, comedy, thriller–this guy’s done it. I decided a few weeks ago, after using him as the butt of one of my many jokes, that I would honor him. Quite frankly, he gets no love from the movie industry and it’s about time that he got his just due. You all know him and love him. I present to you…..

Clifton Powell 

If you tell me you don’t know who is man you, you’ve clearly been banned from all movie theaters or atleast the rental of straight-to-dvd movies for the last 15 years. Look on atleast 85 percent of “African American Interest” movies’ cast rosters and you’ll see Powell’s name on there somewhere. Let’s take a look at some of his more memorable performances (in my eyes):

1. Pinky-Next Friday and Friday After Next

Favorite Line(s): “Say one mo’ mf’ing word, and this shit is OVA!”

                                   “I got a mf’ing girlfriend and a wife on the side!”

2. Cutty-Dead Presidents

Favorite Line(s): “Don’t you EVA…bite the hand that feeds you, n*gga!!!”

3. (Punk-ass) Chauncey-Menace II Society

Favorite Line: “I’on even get outta til 2:30!”

                               “Did I stutter??”

4. Dad-Who Made the Potato Salad? (I know, I know. Sigh)

Favorite Line: No comment, especially about Eddie Griffin.

Those are just a few of many, many films, sitcoms and stageplays Clifton Powell has been apart of. His resume looks a lot like some of ya’ll’s credit reports: hella long. Check it out and respect his hustle. We love you, Pinky!


3 thoughts on “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

  1. Alisha…no words. No words, I say!

    Well, maybe a few.

    Thank you for spotlighting a great body of work from this truly talented individual. Even if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association never issues him a coveted statuette, he will forever live in the hearts of minds of those who really matter.

  2. I love this man. I wonder if he is single? Does anyone know? I hope he is one of the few true black men who still loves black women. It would hurt my soul to know he dates beckys. N e way If he is reading this I would like for you to get at me, you will not be disappointing. You are one fine brotha.

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