Points of Aggravation

Hey people! It’s been so much going on this weekend, I forgot to post a real blog. But WHO DAT, just in case you forgot. It’s not a dream. In all of the excitement of the Super Bowl, I eagerly jumped in my bed Sunday night, ready to work on some deadlines at the full-time job and rub the Saints’ win in my students’ faces at my part-time job. No such luck. I woke up to this…

That’s the backyard. And it’s covered in snow. Big deal, right? Half of the country is covered in feet of snow. It’s all over the television. Hell, maybe you’re one of the ones who’s stuck in the house, forced to read this blog because you can’t go anywhere else  and you’re tired of looking at For the Love of Ray J (Hey Maya!) Consider this sweet torture.

Snow happens annually for the M-Town. Actually, it just snowed last week, but then, we had a warning. The meteorologists filled out heads with dreams of a Winter Wonderland, meaning for days, schools and offices would be closed and I wouldn’t have to go to work. Again, no such luck. It iced up, but it happened on a Friday, which means, instead of days from work, I was trapped in the closet during the weekend.

The day I’m hyped about getting into the office and grinding it out, the good Lord drops the bomb on us. After only a day, all was back to normal and I’m thankful. I don’t live in New York City or the DMV, so I don’t have to stock up on food as if the world is about to end and go stir-crazy in these four walls. I can get out among the people, and that’s what I did. During my bi-weekly trip to Target, affectionately known as the Bullseye, I saw this greeting card……

What in the Black stereotypical hell?? I can’t remember what company prints these cards, but they were in the same section as the EBONY and Mahogany cards. Funny thing is, the card company isn’t African-American owned. Oh, the irony.

Why must we continue to put stereotypical images of the Black folks on everything? It’s bad enough that we can’t look at television without being bombarded with commercials featuring break dancing, rapping and singing. Now we can’t give nice birthday cards without images of using doing the infamous “neck-aerobics.”

Which brings me to the next point of aggravation. You’ve seen it.  If you can’t think of any constructive, meaningful ways to celebrate our rich history this month, you can always eat you some fried chicken and collard greens. Atleast that’s what NBC thinks…..

Yes, the broadcasting company that brought us joy for so many years in the 80s and early 90s with shows like The Cosby Show and A Different World, decided to celebrate how we’ve overcome with food. What really killed me is the 16 oz. fountain drink. Big laughs over here.

Seriously though, when Soul Food was released, no one heard of peep of criticism, and the entire movie was centered around Sunday dinner. Back in 20007, I recall eating “Mardi Gras” chicken during Mardi Gras season in an Atlanta mall (don’t ask). Food is special to people. Generally speaking, Black folks like to eat. We’ve been forced to turn scraps given to us into real meals. It ended up working for us and it just stuck, I guess. No problem there. An entire company putting together a menu for employees, as if, if a white woman eats a plate of chicken, yams and “jalapeno cornbread,” she is officially participating in and celebrating black history, is offensive. Think about this: Family can talk about family, but no one else can. Get it?


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