Where Is the Love?

Ya won’t believe in me, but you would fancy
leprechauns or groundhogs
No thank you, Easter Bunny!
(There’s all this talk about Santa Claus, but see
love will rule reign supreme)
-3 Stacks

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. So many people were excited to get their roses, cards and candy. Others were…bitter. I can’t count how many Facebook statuses and Tweets I read that included lyrics to Andre 3000’s ” Happy Valentine’s Day.” (Clue: The bridge says, “F*ck that Valentine’s Day!)

I went to Wal-mart to pick up a few items and saw this:

The section dedicated to V-Day gifts looked as if it had never been touched. There were baskets and bins full of teddy bears, cheap, $5 lingerie sets, fleece boxers with hearts on the butt, chocolates and even manufactured rose petals all over Wally World. From the looks of it, either the recession is worse than I thought or the majority of folks said “F—- that Valentine’s Day,” too.

Where’s the love, people?


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