When Bad Boy Was….Bad

I saw Notorious, the biopic of  Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. How I missed it while it was in the theaters, I’ll never know. I LOVED Biggie and anyone/thing affiliated with him and Diddy, um, Puffy back then. They were hot. Besides being thrown by Lil Kim and Big’s sex scene and Derek Luke’s portrayal of Diddy, watching the movie and listening to his songs brought back so many memories for me. Waking up to watch Rap City to catch the Big Poppa video because it was guaranteed to be #1 or loving watching Diddy dance on the “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)” video. Ahhh, can’t beat it.

I can see now, why Diddy “can’t stop, won’t stop” in creating his Dream Team again. They definitely had an era. Who does he have on his artist roster now? Day 26? Nope. Where’s Dylan when you need him? Allow me to go through some of my favorite Bad Boy videos. This could be a long one.


I can’t lie. When “Juicy” was released, I refused to look at the video because Biggie was….”black and ugly as ever.” (His words, not mine). I bought the album anyway and fell in love with this:

And I’d be dead wrong if I didn’t include this classic.

Junior M.A.F.I.A.

Okay, they weren’t on Bad Boy, but it’s mandatory that I mention JM. I copped the album when I heard “Player’s Anthem. “Who remembers Lil Kim with the Versace shades and AirMax on the inside cover? “Get Money” was my ultimate ish, of course.


112, how I love thee! I still listen to the first album. It has to be my favorite out of the four albums. If I could talk to Diddy, I’d tell him all the MTB’s in the world will never get him another 112 again. By the way, check out an interview with Slim (of 112) here. 112, come back!

Faith (The First Lady)

Faith, what’s up with a new album? When I heard this song for the first time, I fell in love. Faith is classic, and this set it off for me.


You can’t talk about Bad Boy without talking about Kima, Keisha and Pam. 1998 was their year! No matter how much I pray for it, there doesn’t seem to be a reunion happening anytime soon. Oh wells. It was fun while it lasted. I still blast KK&P regularly.

Carl Thomas

He can sing. I’m a fan. Don’t sleep on his latest album. I couldn’t find “I Wish” so I’ll settle for “Emotional.”

Puffy & The Family

This one right here? Umm hmm, yeah…

But this can top it…

I think the era is over. Sigh. We do have Diddy-Dirty Money, but um, I’ll wait.


6 thoughts on “When Bad Boy Was….Bad

  1. I miss old school bad boy. idk what happened with all his artists but I know for certain i need Faith to make a comeback and Lil Kim to look like herself again. I know that’s not possible tho!

  2. my favorite outside of Biggie and Total was that uberfine MASON BETHA!!! yes i was Mrs. Betha for about a year of my lyfe!!!

  3. yea i loved bad boy back in the day but he usually never had an artist make it past two albums ,112 and faith being exceptions to the rule. everyone left because their money wasn’t right but puffy,diddy,popa diddy pop lol always had his bling game right. go figure. my fav artist was biggie no doubt. i did like Shyne and Mase. Total was def my fav R&B group from them.You remember when Eightball and MJG signed with Bad Boy? So happy I found your blog again!

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