The Black Man’s Apology

I’m sick of it. I’m tired of it.

It’s not what you think. It’s not his apology to women for any infidelity. It’s the not the apology to children he’s left behind. It’s not even for the pain he may have caused his mother when he didn’t live up to his fullest potential. It’s the apology to America.

How many times will he say ‘I’m sorry’? How many times does he have to prove himself to you, America? When will he stop being made an example of when he’s reached a financial status or height of fame? When will he not be pushed up to a podium to read the words a publicist has written to appease a country that wants to see him crumble, never to be built back up again? How much longer will he have to ask for forgiveness?

Obviously this is in light of the Tiger Woods’ press conference last week. He slept with several different women, lost the trust of his wife and lost many fans. Now he’s in a rehab program for sexual addiction just down the interstate 55 in Mississippi.

His press conference did nothing for me but make me even more frustrated about the entire fiasco. So, he has sex with a lot of women. What millionaire who has access to women wouldn’t? Since when do we need an apology for infidelity and betrayal to his FAMILY? Newsflash, America: He doesn’t owe us anything but a great game of golf.

Yes, he was a role model with endorsements. And yes, when you’re in the limelight, you automatically become a part of the Role Model Club. When will we as people, parents and communities stop giving human beings so much credit? No one is perfect. No one is without wrongdoing.

I sat on my bed in disgust as sports commentators and ex-fans analyzed the “sincerity” of his apology. Seriously, people? Did he slap your mama, steal your last $20 or trip your child in the mall? No. So, why should he be sincere? Let Ellin handle that, and she is–very well, might I add!

So, while I could mug Tiger in the back of the head for being so stupid (getting caught), I think the media and his peers  have taken him for a walk for long enough. Perhaps, this was just an easier way to bring him “down to earth,”  as his golfing skills are superb. It’s clear he lacks guidance from the proper people, especially since his father passed away. (I won’t address the “Caublasian” issue. Sigh)  As my pastor said a few weeks ago, “We are winners in Christ, but sometimes in this life, you will lose. It’s life.” I guess Buddha forgot to share that with Tiger.


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