Black History Month Is Over

Today is the first day of March. That means two things. February is over and April (my birth month) is on the way.

Let’s talk about a few things that happened towards the end….

1. The healthcare debate is out of control. Congress, please, stop fighting this issue because it’s being pushed by a black man who happens to be YOUR president, too. That is all.

2. Desiree Rogers, social secretary for the White House, resigned last week. Here’s her statement:

“As we turn the corner on the first year,” Rogers told Sweet, “this is a good time for me to explore opportunities in the corporate world.”

I don’t believe it, but I want to. Who wants to go back to the corporate world? What really happened? I read a column in the Chicago-Sun Times today. Columnist Lynn Sweet had this to say:

I asked Rogers if the Salahi episode was a factor in her resignation. “The incident at the State Dinner was not a deciding factor,” she told me. “But it did show me a side of the job and of Washington that I had not seen before.”

Hmmmm…..very interesting. I hope no book deals come of this. Ms. Rogers oversaw over 300 events at the White House in just 14 months. Job well done! Hate to see you go.

3. I wasn’t going to address this because it’s old news now, and I have too many personal feelings about it, but this is my blog.

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority wins the Sprite Step-Off Competition. Okay, I had a discussion Twitter with @skinnyblackgirl about it. She suggested the uproar must be so intense because it’s stepping is something sacred that GDI (Got Damn Individuals) would never understand. My response:

@skinnyblackgirl Not even looking at it from that standpoint, and I’m Greek. To some point, I agree though. It’s based on African stepping

@skinnyblackgirl Even better, they don’t want us to have what they “own” and take what we “own,” too!

@Alisha8151 Ok. Opera is an Italian artform. Was it wrong when Marian Anderson was a beast at singing opera?

@skinnyblackgirl Not at all.They (ZTA) were good. Skill is skill. In some ways, I’m being just as prejudiced. No prob admitting that

I went back and finally looked at the video. (I know it was wrong to speak on the issue without viewing the show. Oh well. ) After watching it, I scratched my previous views. My frustration acutally isn’t with Whites, it’s with us. As a former college student (not just a Greek–I’ve only stepped in two stepshows, and they were exhibition), I’ve sat through countless shows. I’ve seen flips, splits, blindfolds, toe-touches and pyramids—the whole sha-bang. ZTA’s show was good, but it was still average for a national competition.

Black people, stop giving white people “extra credit” for doing things well that we deem as “Black shit.” Stop it NOW. If the tables were turned, and those faces were of color, they would have been given average ratings.

This is the big issue: When a black person does something that’s considered “white” well, such as golf, swimming, ice skating, etc., he/she damn near has to move the earth to get recognition–be THE BEST TO EVER DO IT. Let’s be honest here. We have to go above and beyond on all fronts. However, our arms are open wide to Whites who have proven themselves to be “down” by singing soulfully, rapping, dancing and now stepping. We think it’s cute. Sigh.

I know I’m on some militant ish right now. I’ve watched Malcolm X atleast three times in its entirety in one weekend. Work with me. I’m all about equality and togetherness. As I said in my tweets, talent is talent and skill is skill. It’s not assigned to any particular color or race. But let’s be fair, instead of grading on a curve.

4. Does anyone still know the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”? We sang it for the first time in February yesterday at church. The younger kids were all blank stares and crickets. Damn shame. Teach the babies. The song has meaning!

5. Did you really see any quality television programming to uplift the race in February? Did you? And no, the In Living Color marathon and re-runs of New Jack City as a Blackbuster don’t count.

Good day!


4 thoughts on “Black History Month Is Over

  1. I’ve noticed that black history month has been over looked this month. Mainly because the black race is becoming extinct. The black on black crime is increasing, more single black mothers are still having more kids than they can afford, and last, our black men are turning into fags at an early age. We as black people need to come back together and make things matter as they did several yrs ago.

  2. I found this very informative. As since I work soo much and only watch DVRed television shows, I somehow managed to not hear about #s 2 & 3. Regarding what corporate opportunities will be availed to Ms. Rogers now that her reputation is somewhat tarnished. I think it would have been a better move on her part to stay in that position for atleast another year or two to seemingly redeem herself in the court of public opinion. Regarding #3, I agree they should have been scored on the same standard as the other groups. However, I think that when whites do a good job of crossing over while not necessarily being the best it reflects well on blacks that they grace them with their acceptance. Finally, I have to admit I’m guilty of #5, smh.

    • Mel, I’m guilty of #5, too! I was actually asking myself why I hadn’t seen Roots. It was on On Demand under the Black History Programming channel. smh. I wish Ms. Rogers had stayed in the position longer. It just screams, “I got fired, so I’m stepping down resigning.” Hopefully, that’s not true. It seems that she saw some things on the “inside” that didn’t sit well with her. Dying to find out what they were though.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. What happen to the days when major TV networks like ABC, CBS, and NBC played African American movies during Black History Month? Every night of the 28 day month was spent in front of the TV with my family watching movies like Queen, Roots, Rosewood, Freedom Ride, etc while my mother and father took time to answer questions we had about those times. It’s a shame the younger generations will have no sense of where it all started and the premises behind the struggles we have today. They are losing out on so much. Present day society does not want our youth to see color, while their race is a contributing factor to most of the hurdles they have to cross for the rest of their lives.
    As far as ZTA, Black people get on my nerves when it comes to stuff like this. We are way too accepting of others into our culture who are not readily accepting of us. Like you said, we have to prove ourselves 10 times over to even get a “You are worthy to be in my presence” from them.

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