TMI: When Enough is Enough

If you’re reading this, that means one of a few things: (1) You saw the link to this post on Facebook; (2) You saw the link on Twitter (hey Tweeps!) or (3) Just maybe you saw my blog link on someone else’s blog. If you checked yes to either of these, that means you are connected to some form of social media.

Isn’t social media fun? In just minutes you can connect with people you’d normally never get a chance to (Am I the only one who favorites replies from celebs and writers on Twitter? I know–lame. LOL). I probably find out more breaking news, read more intellectually stimulating stories and confirm more celebrity rumors than I would if left to my own devices, thanks to Twitter and Facebook. I’ve also been able to connect with family members and long-lost friends.

Who doesn’t love logging in to their accounts every morning to read friends’ status updates? Who just broke up, but is in a “Complicated” relationship? Who took the day off? Who wants to know that we’re going to Cabo for our birthday for an entire week? YOU DO! We’re so eager to post pictures of ourselves, we upload pictures from our cell phones on site, complete with location and who we’re with.

Question: How much of your life are you sharing on social media sites? Do you have any idea how much of your life you share with people you don’t even see on a regular basis? Answer: TOO DAMN MUCH!

This is the Age of TMI (Too Much Information). The creators of agree, and they pose an even bigger question: Are you safe? The site was featured in a Good Morning America news story last week about location driven social media. A woman was robbed blind by someone on her friends list after updating her status (She was going to concert.) Thankfully, the surveillance cameras caught them, but these guys were supposedly her “friends.” WOW.

If you haven’t noticed, the newest thing on Twitter is opting in to the “Location” function or “Geo-tagging.” It’s automatically disabled, but someone tell me how any good can come of this. From the Twitter blog:


Really? So… it is.

Top Five Things You Shouldn’t Do on Facebook or Twitter 

1. Do NOT list your address on your page. This is a no-brainer for obvious reasons. Why was this even a part of the Facebook profile page in the first place? If you must list your location on Twitter, try “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, instead of, “3rd Corner of Orange Mound, Tennessee.”

2. Do NOT list your cell number on your page, even if your page is restricted to friends only. Do you really want randoms calling you?

3. Do NOT accept “friends” you don’t really don’t know personally just because you have “a lot” of mutual friends. In the immortal words of the woadie on Juvenile’s Juvie the Great club interlude, “Man, you don’t even know dem people!”

4. Do NOT include in your status when you leave home for an extended period of time. Jay said it best when he said, “The streets is watching.” I’m even paranoid about my neighbors seeing me pack my car for a weekend trip. Thank God for garages.

5. Do NOT include pictures of the outside of your home–or in the inside (GUILTY). Some trifling person is eyeing your 52-inch flat screen in the background, and they’re coming to get it.

What would you add to the list? Agree or disagree? Are you guilty of any of these? Note: I am not a techie, so perhaps the geo-tagging is  plus, but I doubt it.


4 thoughts on “TMI: When Enough is Enough

  1. so true…but i thought you were gonna talk about those folks with boring stati that says stuff like, “please pray for me, i gotta bladder infection and all i do is pee”. lolol.

    • Okay, I thought about that when I wrote the title (which I always do AFTER I write the post). I also thought about people who “cry wolf” and air dirty laundry about themselves on FB HOURLY. Like, seriously, when you do need a shoulder to cry on or help, who’s going to believe you?

  2. Great post! Surprisingly my mom and I had this convo the other day. Think it sparked from her seeing news story about the woman who was robbed while at a concert by a facebook friend. I think I have been guilty of some of the points you have mentioned….I think most people have. I have become more aware of what I post and who I let see all of my post. I am loving the list function on facebook where I can categorize people who I know…but don’t want them to know everything I post.

  3. Because I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, If not for #3, I wouldn’t know about you. I’m SO glad that I do, though. One way to do it if don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say to a person if you were in front of them or if they were on the phone with you. Yes, our lives are SO much better with social media in it, but for those of you on Facebook & Twitter, it means you you have to be more careful, too.

    Hope all is well with you & thank you for letting us share, Alisha.

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