A Random Review

Hey Ya’ll!

I haven’t written much about the random things I see from day-to-day. So here goes….

1. I attended our NBA team’s annual Gospel Night featuring Kirk Franklin on Friday. Good times, except the loud kids sitting behind me with their parents. Let me preface this by saying that most parents I know say after a while, they can pretty much tune out the noise their children make. It’s one of those things that comes with being a parent. Well, I don’t have kids, so I can say that those children had no home training whatsoever. Or they hadn’t been anywhere before.

I know it’s a concert and Kirk Franklin aka the Gospel Prince puts on an awesome show. You can’t help but scream and jump (that was me during “Hosanna”!), and of course, kids will be another level. What I witnessed was a disgrace. They were like wild animals. And yes, I did cut the parents a mean side-eye. The daddy looked like he wanted to jump off a cliff. I think he felt my pain.

2. I found such joy in all of the people who couldn’t find a seat or arrived at church too late. They didn’t get the memo that service started an hour early….because they don’t attend regularly. No shade to semi-regular attendees. You don’t have to be in church daily to have a relationship with God.  I’m just sayin’, why is Easter the time everybody and their mama decides to come to church? Yes, the Resurrection is the cornerstone of Christianity, but hasn’t He done something for you at any other time? Don’t worry….I’ll wait.

3. Yes, I did jack a few of the kids at church for their Easter candy. They don’t need all those sweets anyway. Bad for their teeth. #EVL

4.  While teaching a financial class to some teens, it occurred to me that so many teenagers live life (or would like to) as if it’s a T.I. or locally, as a Yo Gotti song. In 20 minutes I had two boys ask me about “selling bricks” and “where does the word ‘Nigger’ come from.” A-yi-yi. This is the world we live in.

5. People have no respect for names. Example: I called an establishment for information. I told her my name was Alisha. Her: Okay, your name is Felicia?” Me: No. It’s A-lisha. Her: Okay, so I’ve got you down, FELICIA. What the hell did I just say, lady?? Me: A-LISHA Her: Oh, uh, sorry–Alisha. How much money do you want to bet that she still wrote “Felicia” on that paper.

That’s one of my biggest pet peeves ever. I mean, it’s not like my name is A’Shinkashae.

6. No, I’m not buying the iPad. One Apple product is enough for now. It looks like a big-ass iPhone. Already have one of those.

7. GOP Chairman Michael Steele was on GMA firing back at the media regarding his overspending of party funds. I really wanted to have sympathy for him, seeing as how they were going in on him, this African-American man of “power” on national television. I found it interesting that he considered his approach to politics “street,” noting that he was a DC native, unlike the transplants to Washington. It would have been the perfect time to pull the race card. I didn’t at all. He gets no love. —>>Moving right along.

8. Homeownership is no joke. How I wish I could call a maintenance man to take care of my repairs, but I can’t. Thank God, I have the money to cover them though.

9. It’s APRIL—my birthday month!!!!

10. I’d rather someone push me down a flight of stairs than check my voicemail. Ugh. I don’t even have it set up at home, and I just set it up on my cell, which I’ve had for almost five months. Just text me, okay?


One thought on “A Random Review

  1. Agreed on 1-3, 5-7 & 10. I would’ve answered the first part of 4 by saying I’ve never sold them & I hope you never do. 8 I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing yet. 9 Congrats to you.

    Hope you have a good week & thank you for letting us share, Alisha.

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