Just One of Them Days


Sometimes I wish I could press the refresh button on life. Not every aspect. Just some. Today I am not 100 percent. I’m probably at 60 percent—mentally and physically. I need a day off just to get myself together. Last night I found out I’m not alone. One of my besties and I made yet another pact (this is becoming quite common for us…weird) to organize our lives starting….next month (give us some time!).

My life has very little structure or order. My days have no routine. That’s a good thing, right? The Aries in me detests doing the same things repeatedly. I’m okay with change because I become bored with things, tasks and people fast. It’s not the best character trait to have, but it’s all me. What I need are better time management skills. Most times I’m great in that area, especially when work-related, but otherwise I suck at it.

I want to make some small, yet beneficial changes in my life to make it less hectic.

Going to bed at a decent time–consistently. Yeah, I know this sounds super old of me. One of my BFFs always tells me “You can sleep when you’re dead! Shake back (That’s Houston talk)!” That’s great and all, but a chick gets tired! Atleast, I let one of my jobs go for the summer. Maybe that’ll make a difference, too.

Set aside time daily for prayer and writing. How many times a day do I say, ‘Lord, I need You right now.’? That’s a request, not a prayer. Rarely do I take time out to commune and think. I usually pray when I wake up and talk with God while I’m driving to work. I don’t think that’s sufficient anymore.

Cut back on television. Yeah, I have to do this. While I’m burning my brain cells watching VH1’s Sunday night lineup, I could do something else more valuable with my time, like reading a book (I’ve got one in mind, too! The Carrie Diaries!). I can watch all these shows on On Demand or online anyway.

Oh yeah, I purposely left EXERCISE off the list for those who are thinking I need to get off my arse. That goes without saying so I won’t even mention it until I actually do it. I’m well aware of how fitness positively impacts mental and physical health.

I’ve got to try these things, and I will..in June. Please, tell me I’m not the one who feels like this.


3 thoughts on “Just One of Them Days

  1. I can so relate to you on that refresh button!! Refresh, reset, rewind, fast forward and some days just straight up delete lol. These sound like pretty reasonable changes and I’m sure you will be able to incorporate them and stick to it.

    P.S. I ordered the Carrie Diaries too!! It should be here tomorrow…the Louis V like cover alone has me giddy to read it 🙂

  2. Hey I was at work and been meaning to look at your blog. so here I am. I took a couple weeks off from school so that was one click on the refresh button. I totally understand about making time to pray I mean reallllllly pray. Like take time not just when it is convenient. So I too must work on that.

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