I AM in Charge of the Girls

When I was in elementary school, probably around fifth and sixth grade, I was on the majorette squad. We wore royal blue leotards with silver and red sequins embroidered on the neckline with the signature white tasselled boots. We had dance routines to songs like MC Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit” and an old school bass song, “Give It All You Got.” Our first major performance was in a competition at a community center for area schools and community groups. Looking back, I realize how hood my school was, but we and our advisors thought we were the classiest of the participating teams.

I remember seeing girls younger and smaller than me pop and shake to “Boom, I Got Your Boyfriend” and Luke’s “I Wanna Rock Right Now” (wait, maybe that was us!) I couldn’t believe these girls were moving body parts I didn’t even know I had yet. My mom hated to see me or any little girl in our neighborhood “gyratin’ and carrying on.” “It just looks bad,” she would say. As I continue my journey into adulthood, I understand fully what Mama meant.

If you haven’t seen this video, please, watch it. They were discussing it on Anderson Cooper 360.

Now, usually, I would say, “I blame Beyonce.” Nope, not this time. I blame the parents, the dance instructors and the competition coordinators. Someone tell me why or how this is appropriate. If you didn’t know, these girls are about seven years old. What adds insult to injury is the fact that these girls are DAMN GOOD. That little one in the middle is giving it to the crowd. When she hit the quadruple turn, I wanted to jump up and shout, “Get it, girl!” but then I remembered that she has a two-piece outfit moving better than Beyonce, who’s my age. It’s a shame, indeed.

What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “I AM in Charge of the Girls

  1. Okay so what do the public expect? Hip hop dance classes that are being offered everywhere for young girls. The dance routine looked like a combination of routines from ballet, hip-hop, cheerleading, and dance teams only with a little bounce to it! My daughter on the other hand I would have had no problem with being in this dance routine for the simple fact, I want her self-esteem and confidence to be at 100% always. I I mean, this is why I have her in activities as such. I also educate my daughter on appropriateness and being a little lady. I think the outfits these girls had on could have been something more age appropriate, but it was a dance competition! So when little girl enter modeling competitions, I guess they should not wear make-up that makes them look like a grown woman! People need to be noteworthy of diversity and instill diversity within kids today.

  2. Also to add, I did it when I was a little girl, and look at me now, A fine young professional, intelligent, sparkling personality, and role model to young girls, that parents truly admire and call upon to inspire their young children.

  3. This morning, parents of the girls were on GMA and they made some excellent points. (1) Dancers have to wear outfits suitable for high-impact dance (2) Dance routines are in line with pop culture so using “Single Ladies” was appropriate because it’s possibly the song of the decade (I guess) and (3) their girls had never seen Bey’s video. They learned dances from the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. LOL Wow. Here’s the link to that:


  4. People just need something to talk about. Huge Props to these girls! They did an awsome job! My 19 year old daughter danced from age 9 to 11, so I’ve seen all sorts of dance cosutmes & I don’t see anything wrong with these costumes. The parents obviously had no problems with it sooo…. If the world would get their minds out of the gutter & look at these girls as “little girls with cute outfits” there would be no discussion. I would personally like to commend the dance instructor for doing a wonderful job with these girls. They really have talent. Instead of knit-picking, encourage these children to pursue something positive like continuing to dance. It takes great self esteem to wear these costumes (for dance, cheering, gymnastics, etc) & performing in these costumes may help some little girls & teens with their self esteem.
    My God, find something else to bash…like the economy.

  5. So, as a dancer of 13 years, I enjoyed the performance. I thought that these girls were very well trained and excellent dancers. What I felt could have made the situation different is their outfits. My mom always taught my sister and I that if you bare the top, cover the bottom and vise versa……it would have gone over alot better had this girls imulated Beyonce’s wardrobe for this video as well. There outfits did add a tid bit more risque to the act.

    What people should understand, is that dancing is an art form in itself, and today’s dance classes are going to immulate what today’s kids are doing. I can remember when we performed to Janet Jackson’s Pleasure Princples, just so we could do the chair walk over. Granted Janet wasn’t poppin and gyrating like the Beyonce of today, but we were body rolling and walking over chairs like Janet taught us the routine herself.

    These are just my thoughts.

  6. That is what is wrong with people these days…I was horrified to see these little girls dance like this. True, it was a dance contest but how could you let young children dance like that. And we wonder why 12 and 13 year olds are made mothers. And the fact that it is blasted all over youtube? Pedophiles are sure having a good time.

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