Young Black Men: There Is Hope

This morning as I rushed to get out of the door by 8:10 a.m. (#epicfail, by the way), I slowed down as the second hour of my favorite morning show, Good Morning America, began. The anchors are doing a series,  “Be Inspired.” Each anchor reports on a story that…inspires them. Yesterday, the meteorologist, Sam Champion, shared his older sister’s story about being an advocate for parents of autistic children. Today was Robin Roberts story. Don’t you just love her? Her southern accent and mannerisms peek out from behind her “reporter voice” often. It tickles me. I’m always interested in what she has to say.

I’d heard about it, and read about this great achievement, but seeing the video made me tear up. What a great way to start my day–inspired! Thanks to Ms. Roberts for bringing this story from behind the shadows.

Robin Roberts Inspired by the Young Men at Urban Prep Academy

Photo courtesy of Chicago Now


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