The Checklist

It’s not the checklist you’re thinking about. This isn’t the “These Are All of the Requirements for My Perfect Man Who Doesn’t Actually Exist List.” I’ve already got one of those. Ha! Maybe one day, I’ll post it, but it definitely needs some tweaking. Back in November, when I relaunched this blog, one of my first posts was my first time experience in a yoga class. Some of my motivation came from actually wanting to try it out, but more than that, it was a result of a talk I had with a bestie.

She’d just turned 29. She’d awaken from her last night’s sleep as a 28-year-old and realized she had only 365 more days before the Flirty (or Dirty, take your pick) 30. No, she doesn’t think 30 is the end of the road, but it is a milestone. (Who decided that anyway?). “There are so many things I haven’t done,” she said. “I should make a list.”

So here’s mine in no particular order. Every month, my goal is to check something off of the list.

1. Ride a mechanical bull. Secretly, I’ve been obsessed with it. Don’t ask me why.

2. Sing karaoke. Song of choice: “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. This shouldn’t be hard seeing as how we have a karaoke event damn near daily here.

3. Go to the shooting range. I’ve been saying since I moved that I was going to take classes for my permit. Haven’t done that yet. I think I need to see how I feel once I shoot a gun before I commit to the class.

4. See Jay-Z live at Madison Square Garden. Okay, so maybe this won’t happen before next year. I’d say this is a Bucket List item, but I figure the more I speak it, the more it’ll become a reality.

Editor’s Note: Wait!!! Maybe it’s not a bucket list item. Click here!! Yankee Stadium is just as good, right?

5. See Teedra Moses in concert–anywhere. At some point this summer, this will happen. End of story.

6. Take a real cooking class. I have no problem admitting that cooking isn’t one of my strong suits. I can do just enough to get by. I’ve thought about going to one of those free community classes, but I hear that’s just not what I’m looking for. I’m actively looking for an ongoing class to attend as I speak.

7. Host something at my house. A year ago today, I officially moved into my home. What a great feeling. Since then, besides the housewarming, I’ve had ZERO shindigs. I’m thinking a Game Night or a small brunch. I have a patio set, a grill and a cute little backyard that just screams, “Come out and play.” My hydrangea bushes have bloomed, so I’m inspired.

8. Wear a hat to church (Am I southern, or what?). Yeah, like a hat and a cutesy dress. Think: Kentucky Derby, instead of Mother Board. This is crazy in itself because (a) I’m not really a hat-wearer and (b) When I think of church hats, I think my grandmother. I’m looooong way away from that. Still, if done properly (I will), it can look elegant and young.

I’m supposed to have 12 things for 12 months, but I’m all out. I’m sure I’ll come with something to get into. Just wanted to post it as a reminder to self. What am I missing? What would be on your list of things to do in a year?


5 thoughts on “The Checklist

  1. I love this list!! I’ve actually done almost everything on here, lol.

    1.I rode a bull at a place called Johnny Utah’s here in the city.
    2. I already told you about my Patti moment, lol
    3. Just did that for the blog
    4. Girl I have seen Jay sooooo many times period. Some concerts I saw twice….actually met S.O. at one 🙂
    5. I would love to see Teedra…LOVE HER, but never seen her live:-(
    6. I take these all the time and I love that my new job (well not so new anymore lol) is down the street from the school Take it, you’ll eat yummy food and meet lots of interesting people!
    7. I don’t have a house, but I did for the first time ever, have a ladies night at my apt earlier this year. It was only a few friends but way more than I was comfortable with at one time lol.
    8. I SO need to do this! I love seeing women in big, fancy, church hats. They look so sophisticated, I want to look like that.

    For the rest of your list I say try conquering fears. Are you scared of heights? Try rock climbing or sky diving. Go to JA and jump from Dunns River Falls. Scared of bugs, visit a zoo and let one crawl on you for a few minutes. Just try adding things that might have been holding you back in some way.

  2. You are the person who got me listening to Teedra. I would so go with you to Yankee Stadium.

    Hmm…I’ll make a year list. I have done one thing, which was buy a pair of Christian Louboutins.

    I was just recently invited to a shooting range, and I have NEVER sang karaoke. I want to go.

    Let me go work on my list. Something on it is to drive to visit a friend out of town. I may be headed to Memphis.

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  4. Alrighty then on 1. I support you on 2, 3, 6 & 7. I want to go, too on 4, 5. 8 just wouldn’t be a good look for me.

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