#NaturalHair Day

It’s #Naturalhair Day on Twitter. Guess what? I’m trying to grow my perm out; I want to be natural. If you know me well, that could be somewhat of a shocker. But then again, if you know me well, you already know that I’m transitioning. My last relaxer was December 18, 2009. I plan to do the long-transition. No Big Chop for me.

The biggest question I have for myself is: Why? Two of my best friends are natural and have been for atleast three years (One presses regularly and the other wears in its natural state–both beautiful). It never once crossed my mind. I’ve been blessed to have little to no problems with my hairs in terms of breakage and split ends. My grandmother was a beautician so I always had someone to take care my hair. (I didn’t get a perm until I was 12.) My hair began to thin in the back when I was 17. I cut the ends of into a bob that was identical to Tasha Smith’s in Why Did I Get Married. I love it still!  

I’m a slave to my hair. Always have been. In fact, that bob was the easiest to maintain. I cut again in 2007 and womp womp, me no likey. It frizzes and puffs up at the thought of rain or humidity. I’m always the one the most “worried” about my hair during special events held outside.” Ugh.

This is it:

Though I have a standing appointment every weeks, I’ve noticed that my hair has gotten thinner. Maybe because it’s grown so much or maybe it’s an age thing. Either way, I love to know what my hair is like perm-free. I’m not what the natural community calls a “hair nazi.” I’m not the fro type–it’s just not my style. I’d like to wear it flat ironed, in twists or curls. For now, I’m wearing it in spiral curls, and I guess it’s working. Thank God I know how to do my own hair, so my trips to the shop have lessened. I’m having the hardest time figuring out all this terminology and what products to use though!

I’ve included some pictures that inspire me, along with my links to natural hair blogs. This ish is addictive foreal.

I guess it’s obvious that I like big hair. **shrug**

Also, check out a link to Afrobella’s post on natural hair. There a lots of tips and advice that was given via Twitter.







www.clutchmagazine.com (search: natural hair)

Ladies, how many of you are natural? Do relaxers work best for you? Men, how do you feel about natural hair? Feel free to add to the list! 

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “#NaturalHair Day

  1. Been natural for 5 yrs! Love my natural hair. Like u, I never really had probs with breakage when I had a relaxer but this has forced to me get to know myself better and be more comfortable with myself…

  2. I have enjoyed my natural hair. It took a while for me to learn which products and styles worked well, but it has been fun. I also found it to be a bit of a social eye openner. People have a wide range of reactions to it. I’m ready for a change again, so I plan to get a relaxer soon. With family members in the hair business, I’d image that you’ll figure out how to make it work alot faster than I did.

  3. Of course you know I am right along w/you on the transitioning. 7 months and counting. I don’t know if I can hold out w/the BC though. I am growing weary of the two textures. But, I will say I am loving the journey so far.

  4. I went natural some years ago and found it to be quite liberating. During my enjoyment of hair liberation, I wore the common natural styles (fros, twists & press). However, I was in the shop a lot due to my preference to the press b/c it gave me the option to have free flowing hair, but I became more physically active, and the press was quickly sweating away. So I transitioned back to the perm and am in the “shop” quite often.

    I encourage any woman to attempt it, esp. if she needs a change. The natural life was a needed metamorphosis for me. Will I go back to my natural state? Who knows!

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