Notice Anything Different? Thank Me Later

If you haven’t noticed, I changed the layout of the blog. I’d been wanting to for so long. How ironic that I trashed my old page because I was tired of the “Pepto-Bismol” look, and now I have the same color again. Atleast I was able to accent it with red. Eventually, I’ll change it again–to a real website, not just a blog, but my laziness got the best of my last night. So there it is. Scroll down for a flashback.

Last night I wrote in my Facebook status these words: Sometimes it just ain’t nothing to talk about. Womp. Yes, that’s how I felt after hanging up with someone. Rarely, am I at a loss for words, but it happened. Eh. It happens–even to me. BUT, there’s plenty to talk about on this blog. I could tell you about how the girls at my beauty shop looked at me as if I was an alien when I told them I was refraining from chemical relaxers (Girl 1: Oooh, Lisha! Why you doin’ that??). Or I could tell you that my job is draining, and I feel like a glorified sec-a-tary. Or maybe I can’t believe Essence is just a week away. I’m acting like I’m not even going. No tickets or nothing. Sigh.

I won’t bore you though. Instead, I’ll give you something to thank me for later (No Drake). I admitted to my male BFF that I’m addicted to Twitter. I’m on there constantly (even now), but unlike so many, I don’t follow many celebs. Why? The only ones who really entertain me are Fabolous and Lalah Hathaway (Make sure you see her in the EMF Superlounge!). There are perks in following these folks though. If I didn’t follow her, I never would have found this song she wrote for Mary J. Blige’s import Mary album (my favorite of all). This would have made that album 100 percent PERFECT. It’s slightly depressing, but she makes it all worth it.

I wish I could steal her voice. Thanks Lalah!


2 thoughts on “Notice Anything Different? Thank Me Later

  1. I liked the old colors better. But its tight, though. Its cool. Speaking of cool, the Mary J. Blige song you posted. I don’t know if it would’ve made “Mary” 100% perfect(its already at 90 in my eyes) but it would’ve pushed it to 95.

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