Five Things That Annoy Me in the Workplace


Since graduating from college,  I’ve been blessed to steadyemployment. No lay-offs or big gaps between jobs. The checks have been rolling in and pay has increased considerably. Good stuff. That’s the only thing that motivates me to walk in this piece everyday. Money and bills. Please believe if I was okay with being an unemployed bum, I wouldn’t be here now. There are too many things that annoy me about the workplace, but I’ll just share five of them. Shall we?

1. Walking into my office unannounced. This is a major pet peeve, folks. At one job, I had a pretty large office considering I was low on the totem pole. It didn’t have a door though, so I called it my Oversized Cubicle. There was no door to knock on, therefore, there was nothing but space and opportunity for co-workers to worry me. Now, I have a door, but it doesn’t mean a thing. People just walk right in. It drives me crazy.

2. Talking me to death as soon as I get in the office. I’m not a morning person. Never have been, possibly never will be. By the time I get to work, my nerves are most likely shot from the traffic or having to take the trek from my parking garage to the building. I try to give myself atleast 15 minutes to regroup and look at my tasks for the day. Without fail, someone hits me with that yada-yada as soon as my foot crosses the threshold. Yes, I know I’m paid to work, and I should be ready for anything that comes my way, but can I atleast get my coat off first? Secondly, is what you’re speaking of really that important?…Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

3. Leaving my door opened or something undone when you leave my office. My door is closed for a reason(s). Maybe it’s just too noisy in the hall or maybe I need peace and quiet to get my work done. Most of the time, I just don’t want to be bothered (see a trend here?). It annoys me to no end when someone comes in my office for a quick question, and leaves the door wide open. I feel so out there and vunerable. Open for attack. LOL. Also, if you need something out of my office, leave things the way you found them. That’s Home Training 101.

4. Disrespecting my lunch hour. My current job doesn’t allow for quick runs to a fast food joint for lunch. It takes forever to get to my car and back. By the time I get to my destination, half of my lunch hour is gone. For that reason, I often eat at my desk (we don’t have a breakroom. Sigh). If it’s anywhere between 12 p.m.-2 p.m., if I have food on my desk, that probably means I’m “out” to lunch. Don’t ask me to do anything that requires immediate attention. If I were actually away from my desk, would it really be that urgent? No. Good thing I’m at peace with the fact that people want what they want when they want it. But they’ll be alright though.

5. Not serving pre-packaged food at meetings. One of my past supervisors loved to have meetings. He would have a meeting to talk about the next meeting. To keep us engaged, he would supply us with snacks. The conference table would be crowded with sandwich party platters and bowls filled with Skittles and M&Ms. Wrong move, dude. That requires me to reach my hand in the bowl for a handful of candies. Last I checked, there’s always one prick who is known for being unapologetically unsanitary. I’m not trying to see him fondle each sandwich until he finds the chicken salad. So when it comes to food in a group setting, think of it as sex and wrap it up.

There are clearly more things I can add, but I won’t. What annoys you about your job?


12 thoughts on “Five Things That Annoy Me in the Workplace

  1. im just gonna offer the offenders to your top 5 botherings…that of course relate to me:
    1. EVERYBODY…even the ones who just duck their head in to say “goodmorningteena” uuugggghhhh im here to manage, not be ur good morning friend

    2. “Charlie Brown” & L O U I S…must we have a conversation everytime the day begins…EVERYTIME??? can we get a once a quarter morning convo??? #imjustasking

    3. yeah i dont even have a door or complete walls for that matter & that bothers the shit locks outta me…

    4. i kno u just seen me walk in here with my churchs, or arbys, or new lins, so why the fuck are you paging me to the fone??? no really why??? this will result in a major tude the rest of the damn day…. kinda makes me homicidal….

    5. why are we even meeting…cant we chat it up thru emails???

  2. I think my biggest office pet peeve is people who see that you are on the phone, yet approach and begin speaking to you anyway. Huh?? Do they really think that you’re able to hold two completely different conversations at once? Or do they think that their point is soooooo important, that it must automatically be more urgent than your current convo? Burns me up! And, I agree with everything on your list.

  3. When I moved from Chicago I became a consultant for my current Publishing company, instead of a full time employee. I now find that mornings don’t bother me but before it was torturous! I started @ 9am and would not hit my groove until around 1145a. I hated the obligatory “hellos” and “good mornings” because it’s like… I’d rather me sleeping, please don’t speak to me until it’s closer to noon.

  4. I agree all 5, plus I hate people who spend their day walking back and forth by my cubicle trying to see what I’m working on and trying to listen to my phone calls. Sit yo ass down and focus on your work.

    I hate when people invite themselves to your lunch. If I wanted you to come I would have asked.

  5. Talking LOUDLY on the phone! We don’t all need to hear ur convo! Coming into my cube and looking over my shoulder to my pc monitor! Scheduling a meeting and then being a no-show! Ugh! Burns me up!!!

  6. 1.) Do not have beef with me one day and turn around a few weeks later skinning and grinning in my face! Evidentally, you do not know me to well.

    2.) I cannot stand when I’m leaving work and talking on my phone, someone has the nerves to ask am I leaving for the day or can I ask you something! “Hell Naw”! I do not have open door policy at 5:30pm. LMBO

  7. 1. The walking back and forth KILLS me!!! There are times during the day that I am working and times when I am not….let me BE!!! I am obiviously still productive, so don’t hate b/c you can’t multi-task. I’m just saying!

    2. Busting in my cube to ask if I need your help. If I needed your help, I have your desk number, cube location, email, and work hours. I will let you know….I’m good!!

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