Alicia Keys’ Zipped Lips: Will They Help or Harm?

Within the past two weeks, it’s safe to say that singer/songwriter Alicia Keys has been a hot topic–atleast in my world. From the recently released pictures revealing her baby bump and “pregnancy glow” to her arriving to the BET Awards with her recently divorced fiance’ Swizz Beatz and her seductive piano crawl during her tribute to Prince, she’s buzzworthy. (FTR: pregnant or not, if I were singing “Adore,” I probably would have gotten up there, too. She was obviously feeling sexy, and if “Adore” doesn’t make you feel that way, something’s wrong.)

In that time, I’ve heard so many things. How dare she stand there, big and pregnant–smiling after she’s caused another woman so much pain? Either she’s a homewrecking, man-stealing hypocrite or just a woman in love living life. Swizz and his wife, Mashonda were already having problems, and you can’t take what wasn’t already yours, right?

Fast forward to her performance at the Essence Music Festival this past weekend. She, the headliner  for Saturday night’s concert, had a hard row to pull. She followed a tough act–Gladys Knight, who, though I missed her, was awesome, according to others. She took the stage and it was…weird. There was an undeniable silence in the crowd that I didn’t expect. I looked behind me to see a woman sitting two rows back among empty seats with her arms tightly folded. With a mean side-eye, she said two words: Man-Stealer. Wow.

Alicia put on a decent show, but something was missing in the atmosphere. I checked Twitter out to see these tweets:

5hanel:  Alicia Keys is almost working as hard as Breezy for redemption. Essence chicks aren’t fans of infidelity…No shade.

So that was the uncomfortable feeling I was getting?! Did she feel it, too? Swizz Beats is officially DIVORCED. They’re clearly together and happy. People, even her devoted fans, still have a serious problem with her relationship with then married Swizzy though. My question is this: When is Alicia going to address the issue or should she at all?

The more I look at the situation, the more it mirrors the Tiger Woods’ fiasco. Do celebrities’ indiscretions in their personal lives affect their business lives to the point where they owe their fans explanations or apologies? Will those two lines always cross for certain folks? All Tiger owed us was a great game of golf (as I said in my rant here), not a detailed apology to the world something that directly affected his wife.

What about Alicia? Should she be expected to give her fans the lowdown on her relationship with Swizz Beatz (because it’s clearly complicated) or is she only required to make good music? Unfortunately for celebrities, public relations is the name of the game, and it’s evident that Ms. Keys has not related to the public well. She has avoided the issue like The Plague, and her career might suffer because of it.

I’m neutral on the issue for now, but I know for sure her involvement with a married man doesn’t support her platform on women’s empowerment. She recently launched a website, She writes on the homepage:

“Welcome to a powerful passionate, radiant, exciting, addictive, compassionate and loving virtual world called IAAS, which stands for I AM A SUPER WOMAN! For many of us, that is not just the title of a song, but a mantra. My friends and I at AK Worldwide are launching a new venture and would like you to join us. We’re creating a fresh new source for positive and inspiring news, a destination which will empower and link female voices and unleash the super woman in us all.”

I don’t know the entire story on her relationship and how it came to be, so I won’t speak on whether or not she’s being the source of inspiration and positivity she’s wanting to be to women. So what now? If you were Alicia, would you hide out until you give birth, then release a statement or tell everyone to kick rocks and keep doing your thing? She seems to have taken the latter approach, but at what cost?


15 thoughts on “Alicia Keys’ Zipped Lips: Will They Help or Harm?

  1. I don’t think she owes anyone an explanation. If if she did, people have already drawn their own conclusions are going to think what they want to think anyway. I think she needs to focus on her relationship and having a stress-free pregnancy. Oh yeah, and focus on not falling on stage…LOL She was a pro tho…she kept singing the entire time, and bounced up like nothing happened.

  2. I think she should address it, not necessarily to explain herself but at least acknowledge the issue. I know for me personally, I agree with the logic you stated earlier regarding not being able to take what is truly someone else’s but everyone is not as open-minded as I am. A nice 20/20 interview would do her good…

  3. You know, no matter what, once a rumor starts, it’s hard to end it. Over time, people will forget about it. I personally don’t believe she’s a homewrecker nor do I believe everything I read in blogs. Also, while there may have been negative tweets about her performance, there were way more that said she was amazing, even in reviews by the likes of USAtoday. So I think it’s easier to see/hear the negative things said about someone, than the positive. The mainstream world seems happy for her, and even if she made that mistake, I won’t name her an evil person. That woman with her arms folded could have very well been a liar, deceiver, fornicator, but no one is looking at her with a side eye calling her that. You can’t judge someone you don’t know, let God do that. Alicia’s sales show she’s doing just fine, she may not have had a “No One” this era, but going platinum and selling 3 mil albums without a big single, promo, a scandal, and being pregnant is amazing IMO. Her fans are still with her.

  4. We are a society that loves to judge. We can’t wait for someone to fall so we can pounce on them. Alicia Keys is a human being and therefore capable of all things human – – love, faults, success, etc. She’s living her life in the public eye and you know what, sometimes life happens and you find love where you’d least expect it. I don’t think she owes anyone an explanation… just great music! She’s engaged, pregnant and happy. Mashonda has moved on. We all should too. Marriage is complicated and it’s hard to judge someone’s relationship, especially when they’re separated and/or going thru a divorce.

    I think people put too much stock in celebrities.

  5. When does it stop? Celebrities owe us their talent and great entertainment; not a endless novel on their life in which to judge.

    We are a society of abusers. We love to beat celebrities down and take their souls, confidence and own their talent.

    We don`t want to let their light shine. We want to control just like an abuser.

    What GOD has in store for Alicia by using her talent as a vehicle to shine light are larger problems on earth. No one can stop your light. No One.

  6. This is a very touchy subject for me.Speaking as someone who’s been in this situation(twice)I think Alicia Keys is doing the right thing by saying nothing. Because everybody’s going to think whatever they want & you’re always going to agree to disagree. There’s no way its does her or anybody else any good. At least that’s how I see it.

  7. Her life, her business, end of story. Maybe she doesnt feel guilty about her relationship because she knows she didn’t “steal” Swizzy. Despite all the drama shes has stayed positve and kept smiling.

  8. As for Alicia, Thats my girl! I think her and Swizz are a cute couple and have great personalities. If I was in her shoes I would not speak out to the public regarding my personal situation nor behaviors. I don’t need their approval. What I will commend Swizz on is getting the divorce and manning up to responsibility. Something in which some men do not do today. he is obviously in love! Divorces takes some time before they are official. It looks like Alicia was not committing to anything until she saw something in writing. So really, I do not know the situation and there could possibly be more to the story but Real Fans will continue to support her

  9. You know what I find interesting? When watching her BET performances and reading the Facebook status updates, most women were saying “Alicia is glowing!” or something of the like, while men were saying “Way to go Keys. Give hope to homewreckers everywhere.” Personally, that’s her business, though I wish her happiness would have come in a more fortunate (public) circumstance so this would not have been an issue, I am happy for her happiness nonetheless.

    Talent is talent. Period.

  10. Jesus…take the wheel…or in this case…the keyboard…the problem with todays society is that the internet has ppl feeling as if their opinions are warranted…uhhh NOPE…u live urs, let her live hers. & have yall seen Mashonda…i woulda left her for A.Keys too. regardless to what the situation is or was, let that woman do what God has blessed her to do…sing & have babies!!!

  11. You do know God doesn’t care about looks? Just asking. This has been a year where many men have been uncovered and The wives have been showered with care. Elizabeth Edwards, Sandra Bullock, Elin Woods, the S.Carolina Governor’s Wife, it was just bad timing for Alicia Keys. You can’t care about Sandra Bullock, but then turn around and speak badly about Mashonda. We also don’t know if maybe she was a good wife and he was just a bad husband. Those do exist you know? Men who will leave a woman for another simply because they want to upgrade or downgrade it depends. I have seen that happen many times. I hope Alicia has a healthy baby, I don’t know her, so I can’t state what type of woman she is, her image could be one thing and her life another. She could be a good woman or a tramp? Who knows, none of us do. This is her path, if it is the wrong one, she will find out, a month, a year, 10 yrs. who knows.

  12. I think Switz should provide a huge family home for his wives an children. Like what Will Smith did with his ex baby momma. They should all live under the same roof. Like in the old ages. It was four wives per house hold. Muslims belief. He should marry them all. For the sake of all his babies. I think it will make everybody happy. Including them. And working in the best interest for there children. That’s what family’s do pull together. I think it’s pure selfish of Alicia to have Switz totally to herself. This man has huge responsibiltys. It would be selfish of her to not to be understanding to not pullin this family closer. Switz got babie’s and he still love his ex by the way love dont turn off like that expecially when they shared year’s together and children come on now. God said when a woman and man have sex with one another that u become one. In the same flesh. So really Mashonda,Jahnah, Alicia and his first baby mom. I think it would work between them as a family. If they all pull together as a unity.

  13. And me personally I dont think Alicia would mind it. Them all living under the same roof. If she’s in love. And she want Switz around forever. She better do anything at satisfying him. And at making him happy. I think she better suggest them being under the same roof. Cause he’s going to go back and forth to his other baby momma’s anyway under Alicia’s nose. Men always do they thang on the low low. He miss Mashonda trust me.

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