How It All Started

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My Blogging Story: Alisha N. Tillery

Some kind of way, while surfing the Internet (at work), I stumbled across a blog. I didn’t even realize that’s what it was. It was November 2006, I’d decided to officially get back into writing, with the goal of becoming a published writer, and I hated my job. This blogger was a girl who lived in the South, fresh out of graduate school, working her first “real” job. She hated when people typed in all caps in work emails, and loved extended lunch breaks. She was just like me.

After lurking around her blog for a day or two, I came across an article that suggested starting a personal blog to enhance writing skills. I immediately started my first blog, Quarterlife Mocha Girl, on Blogger. There, I talked about any and everything, from my annoying supervisor, to my journey to be published, to my dating life. I had no idea there were so many blogs out there – that so many others shared my same thoughts on topics and issues. I blogged there anonymously for three years and built up a decent following. In that time, I blogged for Honey Magazine and got several other writing gigs. It wouldn’t have been possible if I’d not had my blog to showcase my writing skills. The best thing about blogging, though, was old college friends and associates, family members and anonymous readers sending emails to tell me they loved the blog. For the longest time, I wasn’t even sure I had real readers. All I had were statistics from Feedburner. So people really do read my blog, I thought. It was amazing.

Last year, I decided to move my blog to WordPress for a new design and more functionality. In addition to moving the blog, I wanted to take a new approach, focusing more on creative writing, as well as revealing who I was ( meaning, I finally put a picture up!). I was 25 years old when I started my first blog, hence the Quarterlife Mocha Girl title. I’m almost 30, so I changed the name to Because I Said So, one of my mom’s favorite sayings.

This time around, I’m still talking about the randomness in my life, but taking a more definitive stance on African-American lifestyle, culture and news. In a short time, I’ve developed e-friendships with other WP bloggers, Facebook friends and Twitterers. Many of my close friends have started their own blogs, too. I’m now working on a story series, The Stories of People on the blog, and interviewed Phylicia Rashad for the movie Just Wright. Despite those accomplishments, I have a place where I can vent and say what I want to say, and that’s a relief.

My blog is my baby.


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