Where I Write Some More (I Promise This Is It!)

So I did it. I’ve signed up for yet another social media network: Tumblr. I’ve known about it for nearly a year, but I refused to look at it. Between Facebook, Twitter and the blog, it’s almost too much for me. There’s only so many places I can write, right?

I was wrong, apparently.

It wasn’t until I looked at Danyel Smith’s Tumblr, that I decided to take a shot at it. I hope you know who Danyel Smith is!

Yeah, I guess I was inspired, so I made one. I named it Alisha: I Hate Titles  (because I do, and I can never think of a catchy one.)

 My Tumblr page will be used for things too much for Twitter, but not enough for the blog. Get it? Here’s what’s on my About Me page that I can’t seem to make visible to visitors:

I have way too many usernames an passwords to keep up with, so I swear this is my last social media outlet. This is just a compilation of thoughts and words that make me.

Check me out. I’ll repost and link here occasionally. If you’re on, follow me (don’t get tired of people telling you that?).


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