Flashback Fridays: Goodie Mobb

It’s Friday. Glad to see it, and I’m not going to even get into the kind of morning I’ve had. Moving right along….So I finally transferred Cee-lo’s latest mixtape, Stray Bullets to a cd (No, my car doesn’t have an iPod outlet. Sigh). It’s what some mixtape critic called “music potpourri.” He’s right. It’s a mix of the B-52’s, Knarls Barkley and yes, the Goodie Mobb. With Cee-lo’s musical evolution, I can’t forget him as the soul-singing/rapping member of the Goodie Mobb. That’s classic “dirty south” rap right there. “Soul Food” and “Black Ice” have to be my favorites. Happy Flashback Friday!


2 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays: Goodie Mobb

  1. Man…you already know how I feel about that ‘kast…so Goodie Mobb is right there along with them. That Black Ice remix with Outkast went so hard!! I still jam to Cell Therapy!

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