30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 3: My Parents

The parental unit. An interesting pair. Mama and Daddy make me laugh daily. Sometimes I look at the two of them and think about Mr. and Mrs. Brooks on In Living Color whose ending line, even though they spend much of their time trying to kill each other, says, “We stillll together!” No, my parents don’t fight or seek to bring harm, but they have been through a lot. See this post.

Mama is uber caring. Always wanting to solve problems and make everything right for everyone. I believe I’ve heard her refer to it as “keeping the peace.” She is a fair, logical and strong woman. Sometimes even bossy. I think that’s the Libra in her, but the bossiness she definitely gets from my grandmother. She has the ability to take control and take on a lot. She’s a counselor of sorts–to anyone. Growing up and even now, friends always wanted to talk to her about everything. She was nicknamed “The General” by college friends because she tells it like it is. Whenever friends visit, her go-to conversation is why all of us are still single at damn near 30. That just kills me, but she always has my back just the way mothers should for their daughters. I love her for that.

Two things I can definitely say about Daddy are: (1) He’s funny. He has a great sense of humor. I get that silliness from him, and as a result, I look for that same humor in men, even though I already have it. I will always remember my mama laughing at something my daddy said, and I hope to do the same with my husband. Sit around and just laugh. As an adult I don’t know if that laughter comes from him actually being funny or just from love, but either way it works. (2) He believes in education and working. Even after two heart attacks and a stroke, he still works in his print shop on the side of their home, putting out work, sending my mom on errands while he’s in the hospital. He doesn’t stop, and I don’t either. Whenever I add another job to my list, his reply is usually, “You tryin’ to get you some more money, huh? Very good.”

 All in all, the two of them have made me the person I am today. Big ups to them. These are my parents.


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