It’s Finally Here



The syllabus is not done. The tweets are protected. The roster is printed out.  The game face is on.

It’s the first day of classes.

Can I be honest and tell you that I’m not excited? Then again, it is work, so should I be? Yes, I should because you’re supposed to love what you do, right?

Another debate for another day.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how I can look and act like I care about what’s going on when I’m actually exhausted and in need of sleep. If students catch a glimpse of laziness or unconcern in a professor, they will model that behavior. I can’t be responsible for that.

Besides the wonderful check that will be deposited in my account next month, I need some motivation to do this. Maybe I’ll drive to school playing Wacka Flocka’s “I Go Hard in the Paint.” No? Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. Don’t judge me because I listen to that song either. How ironic that I listen to a young man who needs to be sitting in the front row of my class.

Maybe I’ll ask them what they think about him as a starter discussion. Thank God for Youtube and “Smart Classrooms.” I’ll let you know how that goes.


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