Five Reasons Why ‘Takers’ Took #1


Best shot of the whole film

So it’s official. Will Packer’s film, Takers, starring an all-star cast of actors and entertainers turned actors was #1 in ticket sales its opening weekend, bringing in $20.5 million. It was a GREAT movie. It exceeded my expectations in all areas: acting, action and story lines. I’ve heard a few people say that it sucked, while others are calling it the new day heist classic. I won’t go that far since heist movies aren’t my thing, but I do think Will Packer, producer of Stomp the Yard (1&2) and Obsessed, produced this movie with  the most popular business formula by Tom Peters in mind: Underpromise; overdeliver. Takers did just that. Here’s why:

1. Idris. Tip. Paul. Michael. Hayden and yes, Chris. I initially thought this movie would have been a great “Date Night” movie, but upon looking at the preview again, I changed my mind. I decided not to go with a guy to see a movie chock-full of eye candy. Within a week of the release, two friends asked about going. Evidently, every other young woman in Memphis had the same idea: Go to see Takers and lust over these fine men together. Good ol’ female bonding–no Waiting to Exhale. The cast is what I’ll call the perfect mix of swagger. (Forgive me. I vowed to never use that word again, but dammit, it fits!). There was something for everyone and every taste in men.

2. The Allure. Nothing peaks the average American’s interest more than fine men dressed in tailored suits, beautiful women, flashing lights, cocktails, fast cars and money. From Miami Vice to Takers, over twenty years later, the formula still works. In the words of Dave Chappelle: GOTCHA, BITCH!!

3. The Action. I saw the preview a few months ago. The only thing I could remember was Tip and Chris were in a movie together. That was enough for me. (Too easy!) I didn’t see the action coming. at. all. First things first: I’m not an action film kind of girl, so it’s a great thing that I didn’t expect it. And even better thing is that I loved it. The guns, the fights, the chases–Takers had it all. Chris Brown’s scene (I nicknamed him “Lil Pooh” immediately upon sighting) was awesome! According to MTV News, he did 96 percent of his stunts. Di-ZAMM!

4. Clifford Harris’ ad-libs and humor. I swear Tip’s Atlanta accent works for him, rather than against him. It’s eerily funny, partly because it just is, but more so because I’m from the South. Therefore, I “get it.” I have a strange feeling that “I’ll put three holes in ya head like a bowling ball” wasn’t in the original script. Neither were all the other lines during the heist. He definitely added comedy to the film. Big ups to Tip!

Sorry, I tried! Believe me!

5. Idris Elba in boxer briefs. It’s quite possible that as he sat in the bed in nothing but his “drawz,” every woman in every theater around the world secretly prayed that the camera would zoom in as he got up. Our prayers were answered. Rejoice!

Congratulations to the Takers cast and production crew. Keep films like these coming!


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