I’m Still Here

It’s been pretty close to two weeks since I’ve blogged, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had about 10 mini-breakdowns since then, which have prevented me from writing (on this blog). Some things are journal only material. I can’t share everything, atleast not when it’s fresh, but that’s what people like to read about right? More on that and my epiphany about writing later.

So in the meantime, I’ve been hustling pitches to magazines (got one! Whoo-hoo!), obsessing over my reproductive system, pondering making the big move across state lines, visiting my grandmother in the hospital and fighting a sinus infection that just won’t go away. Oh, and actually working (hard), even from Baltimore and Detroit airports. Thank God for modern technology and Smart Phones.

Yeah, it’s a LOT going on. Dare I say, TOO MUCH! But I’m coping. I have no other choice but to.

So while I’m getting myself together (I have tons to talk about!), here’s a song I listen to often for encouragement. I BUMP this LOUD in my car!


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