Kaleidoscope:Inspired By a Friend

If I could paint a picture of me pleasing to only your eyes, I would do it. Make the colors so vibrant and mesmerizing, they literally pull you in. But you only see me in black and white. Is it because I think my light shines brighter than it really does, or do you only see what you want to see? I can’t give you a new pair of eyes or make you change your mind in what you see. I can only be me.

What a pity that you only see me in those basic colors, and not all the beautiful colors of rainbow that I possess. I really want to be what you need me to be and then some—pull a palette out of sleeve to show you that my color options are endless.  Magenta one day, tangerine the next and so on.  

But I know that people who operate in fear the most do so because they never fully open their eyes. Are you afraid of what you might see in me? If you choose to continue to live in confinement with only those two colors, go on. I exist in living color only. No apologies.


One thought on “Kaleidoscope:Inspired By a Friend

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