PlayDate Arrives in Memphis: Wanna Play?

“Put your ass on red!”

Lord knows I tried, but to no avail, I failed miserably and landed on the floor, on top of some guy I didn’t even know. In front of a large crowd of people I probably had never even seen before.

How did I get here? Let’s go back…

Last week was a work week straight from hell. By the time Friday rolled around, I was physically and mentally exhausted. Driving home that evening, I longed to be in kindergarten again for two reasons only : naptime and my favorite part of the day, recess.

Every day in elementary school, we would get 30 minutes to an hour to run, jump, play–basically wild out to relieve stress and practice fitness activity. If a 5-year-old needs naps and recess, don’t adults need them, too? Well,  unless I walk two blocks to the parking garage to take a nap in my car (yes, I’ve done it before.), I won’t get nap time, but recess I can do something about, thanks to PlayDate. 

PlayDate was finally launching in Memphis, according to a tweet I saw circulating a few weeks ago. I was so excited, as I’d always heard about how fun the monthly events were from friends in nearby cities like Atlanta and Nashville.  Finally, we would get to experience it, like every other major city. Thank God because I’ve been burnt out on the club scene here. The need for something out of the norm in Memphis is great.

PlayDate is an alternative to the everyday club scene. The concept was developed to bring diverse groups of people together to interact in a social setting based on playing games. PlayDate provides a unique platform that allows individuals to just have fun and interact with those who have the same goal.”

Let’s get back to the night in question. Imagine walking into a room to find full-grown adults Hula-hooping, playing Simon Says and Twister to “No Hands.”  Or how about competing in sing-offs to Tupac’s “I Get Around” or Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind” to win prizes? That’s what was going on inside Stop 345, the launch event location.

The best thing about PlayDate? I didn’t feel restricted or guarded like I can sometimes feel in a “club” atmosphere. Though I could’ve hit the bar, no libations were needed to hype me up. We were all having good ol’ fashioned fun. Check it out:

      This is what I walked in on.    

DJ 007 was spinning.

PlayDate founder and TEC, Inc. CEO, Imari Harvard, showing us how Hula-hooping is done.

Twister…Big Fun!



PlayDate founders and team. Great guys!

Overall, PlayDate definitely brings something new to the Bluff City: diversity, a relaxed environment (no speed-dating here) and plain fun. If you missed the launch, check PlayDate Memphis out on Facebook or Twitter for next month’s event details and pictures.




3 thoughts on “PlayDate Arrives in Memphis: Wanna Play?

  1. It is a nice alternative. We had one where I live this time last year, I think. Its an enjoyable experience & I’m glad you enjoyed yourself as well.

  2. I hate I missed the Nov Playdate and the site says the next one is TBA. I think this is a really good alternative for people like myself who don’t want to hit the club. Looks like everyone had fun. I plan to be in attendance at the next one!

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