A New Favorite Writer and 31 Things She Wishes She Knew About Dating

I was flipping through a really old issue of Glamour Magazine when I came across this article: 31 Things I Wish I’d Known About Dating by Erin Meanley. She’s a new favorite writer. I love her voice, and so many things in her article ring true, even though I’m a year and five months shy of 31. (Wow!)

Since then, I’ve found her on Twitter and am now following her blog, Adultscience. After seven years of living and working as a freelance writer in NYC, she moved back home to San Diego and is wait for it…..happy about it! I love the stories of people who move to NYC, get a new lease on life and never move back, but I find stories of those who left and never go back even more interesting.

Anyway, I found the link to the story that got me hooked. Ladies, read and think.



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