I’m Doing Too Much

I have to write a post about this every year. I’m sitting here relaxing, looking at television, comtemplating getting a cup of hot cocoa. I’ve finally finished two stories I had hanging over my head. I’ve washed all of clothes (though I have a load to fold) and I’ve finished my radio show appearance. For 15 minutes, I laid here feeling accomplished and ready for new week. Then I realized I have papers to grade from a month ago. Papers that I’ve been promising my students every week since then. The last day of class is Wednesday.

I’m doing too much.

Sometimes I spread myself way too thin. I’m all about having multiple talents, which will hopefully result in multiple streams of income, but sometimes it’s just too much. I want to be able to come straight home and just be. No paperwork, no extra stops after work, etc. It’s true; I chase the dollar, but I don’t have to. These days my time is much more valuable. I could get more writing done and even work for my full-time job.

I’ve decided not to renew my teaching contract next semester. It’s nothing new though. I often teach in alternate semesters. My plan was to teach for a full year to pay a dental bill this time around, but I’ve changed my mind. I just need a break.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I haven’t moved an inch to get my work bag. Those grades can wait one more day. Procrastination, get thee behind me. Le sigh.


One thought on “I’m Doing Too Much

  1. It happens. I have so much that needs to be done, but somehow I find a way to put if off for another day.

    LOL.. trust it will find a way to catch up to you.

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