Finally In the Christmas Spirit

After much procrastination, I put my Christmas tree up on Saturday. That’s about a whole week before I usually do it, so I’m making progress. This year, I’m unusually immersed in the Christmas spirit. It’s not like I’m a Scrooge–I love the holidays, but this year is different. It could be sparked by an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. It’s freezing outside, yet I have warm home, clothing and food to eat.

I felt accomplished and blessed, so I lit the tree and my pine Herbalife candle, and sipped hot cocoa with whipped cream. That’s so movie-like, but it felt great. To go even further, I attended a holiday concert at a well-known church here. Their annual concert featured Lalah Hathaway this year. Yeah, I pretty much stalk her. So what? (Just kidding! Kind of.) Passing up my after church nap to arrive at church an hour in advance was well worth this concert. Where else can you hear beautifully composed Christmas music, Lalah Hathaway and Bishop Yvette Flunder, the original lead of Walter Hawkins’ classic, “Thank You”?

 Stefanie Bolton leads “O Holy Night.” I finally realized this is my favorite Christmas song.

Photos courtesy of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church via Facebook

H.A.M.M performing a Christmas medley with a hint of “Total Praise.”

Bishop Yvette Flunder sings “Thank You” in tribute to the late Walter Hawkins.

Lalah Hathaway sings “We Are Christmas” along with the MBCC choir and the Collage Dance Collective.

My blurry photo. Womp. Atleast I was close.

Then she sang this…..

And she ended with her father’s classic Christmas tune, “This Christmas.” Yes, it was Heaven on Earth. I was truly in the Christmas spirit when I left. I pray it continues throughout the holiday season.


2 thoughts on “Finally In the Christmas Spirit

  1. I’ve been in the spirit for a few weeks. That kind of concert would definitely keep it going. LOL @ stalking LH. Yeah, she’s my BFF (in my head). Love her to pieces!

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