The Best of BISS 2010

When I started this blog, I did it for me. I never know who’s reading this thing, even thought I stalk my site stats on a regular. I’m always surprised when I get comments or tweets about one of my posts. Writing is therapeutic for me. I don’t get a chance or even want to write about the things that make me tick, or tick me off the most. Sometimes before a topic even has the chance to be embedded in our minds, it’s been blogged about a million times over. I can’t race to “beat” other writers to hot topics. Honestly, the things that most people want to talk about are the things that happen every day. Relationships, sex, politics and more sex and relationships. Blah, blah, blah.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular posts and threw in some that I like personally. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a high-five every now and then. Happy reading!


Stories of People Series

SYAD Awards

Ask This Guy Series


From the Dentist to the Coffin

DMV Adventures: No-Go at Go Go


5 Most Depressing Songs I Can Think Of

A Few Things I’m Too Old To Do Now

Five Clues I’m Getting Old(er)


Sex and the City 2: The Evolution

Late Nights and Early Mornings: Up Close With Marsha Ambrosius

Black Girls Rock–Even the Colored Ones

PlayDate Arrives In Memphis


Author Aliya S. King Talks Platinum

A Talk With Phyllicia Rashad


Running to Love or Running Away?

Men, Women and The List: A Recipe for Failure? (Published in Clutch Magazine)

Remembering Michael

Do Single Women Get a Day Off?

Alicia Keys’ Zipped Lips: Bad PR or Personal Protection (Published in Clutch Magazine)

African American Heroes: Are We Being Told the Whole Story? (Published at


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