A Girl Can Dream

Happy 2011! I hope your holiday was as great and as a peaceful as mine. Just hours before the New Year rang in, I was feeling…different. I wasn’t as excited about the year and what it would bring. I was thankful, but leery. Nervous. Ugh. I prayed so hard for God to take that feeling away, and He did. I had a great time on New Year’s Eve, and woke up to a CLEAN house. What a wonderful feeling. After (more) shopping, I sat down and started my first project of the year.

Remember this? I finally did it! I went through a thousand old magazines cutting out pictures and phrases. I refused to cut anything out of my Suede, Vibe Vixen or Honey issues. I’m pleased with the final result.

My Dream Board

The Dream Board became even more real as I listened to today’s sermon, “Limping to Leaping” (Acts 3: 1-12) Everyone wants to change something for the new year, but often it’s difficult, and we become all talk and no action. According to my pastor, to change, you must do three things:


What makes you tick? What do you value most? Is it possible that you may value the wrong things. The man in the scripture was begging for gold outside of the temple, but was healed by the power of God. Gold will not introduce us to God, but God will introduce us to gold. He will supply our needs.


Consider your objective and prepare for it, be it a relationship, a career, etc. Before the lame man was begging for gold, but he was healed when he believed. Stop begging people for the things you want and BELIEVE that God will do it. Change happens when the power of God is combined with your faith.


The lame man was outside of the temple, but ended up on the inside of the temple. We need to be inside the House of God.

I’m changing my thinking, my strategy and turning my faith up a notch. This year will be a great year. I BELIEVE!


3 thoughts on “A Girl Can Dream

  1. You mean to tell me I have been missing out on great article like this one!! This was an awesome article and I will begin my Dream “Inspiration” Board!!! I can’t wait! Also thanks for sharing ur pastors sermons!! Happy New Year Sis!! Be Blessed and Prosper!!!!!

  2. Awsome post!!! I don’t usually make resolutions, but I do try to make life changes that will last for years to come. I’m excited about 2011 and I can’ t wait to see what it has to offer….Luv the Dream Board….I may have to make one of my own…..

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