Game On, B*tches!: The Good, the Bad and the Side-Eye

Last night millions (hopefully) of faithful fans gathered around their televisions to watch the premiere of the re-airing of ‘The Game’ on BET. Someone said it was the best thing since the airing of Roots. Two years later, a lot has changed with our Sabers family, but even more has stayed the same. Quickly, let’s discuss what went right, what went wrong and what just had me plain confused.

The Good

The characters’ evolution: These people have come full circle Derwin is the man, Tasha is a big-time sports agent, Jason is trying sports commentating and Melanie graduated from medical school.

The music: The BEST thing about the entire premiere was the intro. Whoever decided to put that montage to B.o.B.’s “Don’t Let Me Fall” is a genius! They’ve always done a great job of incorporating music that fits the scenes perfectly.

Jason Pitts: Had to be the character with the least change. His dry humor is still hilarious to me. Not to mention, he’s hot.

Tee Tee: Malik’s cousin and former assistant has come up in the world with his very own wing truck. I was so glad to see him again. He still doesn’t have those acting skills up, but that’s part of his charm. He’s the best bad actor I’ve ever seen. Gooooooo Tee Tee! I wonder if he’ll rat Malik out though.

The Bad

Girl Melanie’s erratic behavior: She will forever be stupid. Now, I have to watch the whole season while she walks on eggshells about this damn DNA test. She made the show exciting at the end with her foolishness–as usual. Leave it up to her to keep us on our toes.

Kelly: She has gone straight crazy. Does she represent the Divorced Woman Gone Wild? She doesn’t even sound the same anymore, like she shot up right before they began filming. I have a feeling she’ll calm down as the season goes on. I’ve got my fingers crossed on that one. I really like her character.

Malik’s obnoxious behavior: Actually, he’s still the same narcissistic, arrogant asshole he was before, but he didn’t have to sleep with Tee Tee’s wing truck intern, nor does he have to carry on with the team owner’s woman. Oh Malik, I feel self-destruction coming on.

Jenae’s pompadour: No ma’am. Stick to the bob. In the words of Sheneneh, “You gotta bob and weave. Bob and use yo’ weave.” (I couldn’t resist.)

The Side-eye

Terrence J as Tasha Mack’s boy toy: No disrespect to Terrence, as I see he’s trying to get his acting career and sexy on, but they couldn’t find anyone else? And where in THEE hell is “Rick. Fox.” ? Bring him back, Ms. Brock!

The new and older Britt Brat: I know it’s been two years, Jason and Kelly’s daughter sure has grown up. She went from a little kinky-haired biracial child to a full-grown woman with a flat-iron and Sephora gift card to match. To the producers’ defense, I will say that very few television shows get it right when replacing characters, and they’re no exception. It’s to be expected after a two-year hiatus. Remember the original Derwin Davis?

Umm hmmm. Let’s move on.

Tasha Mack smoking a black and mild: Whoa. Totally threw me off. What’s really going on, Tash?

Too much drama, not enough comedy: Again, the one who delivered in comedy the best was Jason Pitts (Colby Bell). I was looking for more of a punch from Tasha Mack, although that “stable of Golden Girls” was hilarious. I’m pretty sure the writers opted to use more drama to pull viewers in quickly. I felt like I’d gone through an entire season by the end of the premiere.

Overall, I was pleased with the premiere. I’ll be tuning in every Tuesday to see my favorite cast again. I don’t buy into BET making the show “hood” or “ghetto” either. For those complaining about the resolution quality of the show, I didn’t have any problems. Get ya HD game up!

What did you think about the premiere? Check out a full recap at by Jozen Cummings.


13 thoughts on “Game On, B*tches!: The Good, the Bad and the Side-Eye

  1. I’m probably one of your few readers that doesn’t get the appeal of “The Game”. Much less why its back on the air. And its not for lack of trying, either. Me being who I am I know I’m going to miss out on certain things & I get that. Call it what you will, but there are a number of other shows I would love to see get brought back. And “The Game” is just not on that list.

    Things are better for me. I hope all’s well with you.

  2. Yes, I agree with you across the board. Rick Fox? Yes please! I think they need to go back to 30 mins (hopefully) and not overdose on all the drama. We were basically force fed an entire season in 1 episode. What’s left to talk about? lol… Malik gets caught up. Melanie has to confess her mishap? I’ll be watching because I want to support this show but I’m REALLY hoping the writers have a nice brainstorming session and get back to the magic they used to have.

  3. I don’t think Terrence or Dante is a good fit for Tasha. It’s crazy how they just erased Rick Fox out of the picture. All in all, I liked the first episode.

  4. Again I say, we share the same brain. Ms. Tillery, what a great response. Last night’s episode was like a bad stage play that BET airs on Sunday afternoons to fill the time slot between Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sunday’s Best.

    I, for one, am happy that they got a new BritBrat. That old one was just a bad an actor as Tee Tee. Her incessant whining was a little much for me.

    And LOL at you drudging up that pic of the Pilot Derwin. You’s a fool for that one!

  5. I was sooo disgusted by Malik last night. Even though he has always been cocky, arrogant and rude, now he seems to have no limits…I see some real drama and life changing events in his future. I just wonder how the writers will let it play out.

    I was wondering who the hot mama with Kelly was until I realized oh wait, that is supposed to be Britt Brat…umm no, definitely too much of a change to be believable.

    And I think Rick Fox needs to show up, somehow, some way, maybe stir up a little drama, because Tasha Mack still definitely has a thing for him. WE WANT RICK FOX BACK!!! lol

    Melanie and Derwin…smh…All I can say is that this is going to be one helluva season and I pray no one interrupts me as I watch each episode because there will be serious problems if they do! lol

    Oh and I wanted a black and mild sooooo bad last night after seeing Tasha Mack with one. That bish know she ghetto fabulous… got me wanting a black and I don’t even smoke lol

  6. I agree with 99% of the above. You hit it right on the nail. The only thing I disagree on is the production. Something is off in the production. (I have Verizon fios and Samsung HDTV). The picture is clear…yes. But there is too much echo, background noise, etc.

    P.S. They REALLY need to get rid of Terrance. I can’t…

    • I CANNOT take Terrance seriously. They could’ve used anybody else in the world. I didn’t hear background noise. I’ll have to check it out when they re-air it. Thanks for reading!

  7. Excellent and thank you Alisha. I agree on all, infact, I was so hyped up from watching all of the other shows the cast of the GAME appeared on including their constant reruns, that when I actually got to the premiere of The Game, I was a little disappointed. I loved the show, overjoyed to see it back. Tasha, Terrence and Malik need a little do over (smile), and last but should have been first, RICK FOX, with his fine self must come back.

    • Auntie, you watch it, too? Fist pump! I think it’ll get better as the season goes on. You know your sister acts like it’s real life, saying she can’t watch it because Melanie makes he sick. Smh.

  8. Call me crazy but I thought the premiere was pretty good! A solid B+. Going into this season, I had so many what ifs floating in my head, like what if BET screwed everything up? what if they tried that no studio audience thing again *which was a fail*, what if the story line sucks, etc. But overall I was satisfied. I mean damn, they brought the show bad from the grave AND it was pretty good. They stayed true to a lot of the original components. The only thing I didn’t like was the over exaggeration of ALL of the characters. It was like the original characters on extasy.

    • Yes, they were all amped up! I loved it! I was so scared it was going to suck, but it didn’t. Regardless of what people thought about it, we’ll still be tuned in to see what happens with Girl Melanie next. And yes, I now call her Girl Melanie. lol

  9. If I had to rate it last night, I give it an A-. There were a few things that stuck out to me.

    For a first, it seems there will be more than one character that will create some self-destructive or situationally-destructive outcomes. To name them, let’s follow in this order: Melanie, Malik, and Tasha. Melanie has got to learn to 1) let go and 2) trust Derwin’s judgement. Going behind his back was not the right approach – AT ALL… It will be interesting to see if Malik’s narcissitic attitude finds him all alone and living off his savings soon. And Tasha needs to learn to let her guard down and let someone in. So what he’s probably ten/fifteen years younger? He seems to really adore her. His appearance however, while awkward because he wasn’t on the set of 106&Park, he grew on me before the end of the show. Kelly was a little too over the top for a divorced woman. Jason didn’t come off as big a jerk like last season, but he was still a butthole.

    All in all, I’ll be glued to the tube every Tuesday. And probably even watching some of the DVRd tapings as well. Great post, Alisha!

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