The Week Wrap-Up

Let’s go on and talk about since it’s on the InterNETS anyway. Wednesday, the Commercial Appeal reported that 90 girls at Memphis City School, Frayser School were pregnant or had given birth in a year. NINETY GIRLS AT ONE SCHOOL. That’s 11 percent of 800 students.

That’s entirely too many teenage pregnancies in one school, and that’s just a snapshot of the entire community. I’m not even sure if that number includes abortions or miscarriages.

Teens (some, not all) are having sex. Lots of it. Unprotected. There are countless reasons why it’s happening. It could be due to lack of education, pop culture influences, peer pressure, self-love issues, not fully realizing the responsible a parent has and so on. I’m sure there are things I haven’t even thought of or considered because I’m not a teenager anymore. 

I’m not so far removed that I don’t realize that many teens aren’t trying to hear the “abstinence speech.” There’s an abundance of sex in our music, television and film. You almost can’t escape it. Teens need to be taught sex education in the schools because obviously some are missing it at home. Sex education should be more than preaching abstinence though. I’m all for abstaining, but realistically, you have to give them information to support whatever choice they choose to make. That includes talking about contraceptives, information on STDs, coping skills, etc. Shamefully, I tell you that I know an adult woman who didn’t know what Planned Parenthood was. Really?

The root of the problem is just as important as the solution and that definitely needs to be explored, but I hope the solution is sufficient, too.

I finally saw Marsha Ambrosius’ video for Far Away. It’s a beautiful song, and definitely a creative video concept. The bullying issue is real, people.

Thanks to social media, children can not only beat others because of their differences, but tear them apart online, too. Consequentially, so many children have taken their own lives because of it. Bullying has amped up since I was a teen, but there’s something else I need to address because when I see this, it makes me so sad:

Carl Joseph Hoover-Walker, 11-years-old, hung himself .

Perhaps I can say this because I was never bullied or taunted as a kid–certainly not to the point where I would consider ending my life. However, confidence and pride has to be instilled in kids no matter what the “issue” is—gay, overweight, underweight, whatever. Is the bullying really that bad, or are our children so defeatist and down on themselves that suicide is the only alternative? I’m not supporting one option or the other. I really don’t know. There has to be a breakdown in the home support system. If we’re not taught to love ourselves or if our own parents and family don’t love us, where does that leave us?

Kudos to Marsha for addressing the issue or atleast sparking some conversation about the bullying epidemic in such an impactful way. Many prayers to the families of those gone on.

Look at this and be outraged. From, Inside Westboro Church, the church best known for teaching hate and most recently picketing Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral and now, the Tuscon victims’ funerals–except 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green. A country built on hate will continue to sow its seeds, but I refuse to accept this as America. When will people stop twisting God’s Word to fit their own idiotic values of hate and deceit? Ugh.

People, it has to get better than this.


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