Did You Miss Me????!

Shamefully, I pop back on the scene as if I haven’t been missing in action for a full seven days. Yes, I know you care. Honestly, out of everything that’s going on in politics, media and culture, I have absolutely nothing of substance to talk about. So, let the randomness begin.

Over a week ago, my story on Clutch was picked up by The Grio. It was exposed to a whole ‘nother group of folks who took it upon themselves to co-sign or rip me apart in the comments section. I’m grateful for the exposure on another national site, especially one of The Grio’s caliber. Believe it or not, I only checked for new comments and Twitter retweets literally a few times. I’ve learned that the best writers are the best because they write with conviction. No matter how many people suggested I was a sell-out or a wannabe white girl because I live by the flat iron, I let it roll off. Once you believe what you believe, not much can change that. I hope to write more honest pieces like that. It’s a challenge to be completely open when writing. Here are some of my favorite comments on the piece:


“Alisha, thanks for your article, but you can relax now. No one cares how you choose to do (or not do) your hair. Hope your next article is actually about something real. Clearly, you don’t have enough to do at work these days.”

“Black People will say virtually anything to justify their self-hatred!! You keep trying to look like them and laugh at you and how weak-minded you are!!!!!”

I have to admit, that second comment had me ROLLING!!! Lord, help me to be a better niggra and not wish to be white despite my brown skin. Amen.


In other news….

Tomorrow I will schedule my second major surgery since 2004 to remove fibroids. I hate them. I despise. I want them gone ASAP. I will write a goodbye letter to them because it’s just that serious.  Along with that, comes six weeks of recuperation time. I know from experience that every week is absolutely needed. What am I going to do for that long? The last time this happened, I was living at my parents’ house, fresh off my first year of graduate school. I was more than happy to be away from my dreadful job at Target in Baton Rouge. It was summer, and I had nothing to do, but sleep my life away and get geared up to return to grad school. So much for that.

I guess this means I have absolutely no choice but to kick this writing into high gear though I’ll be “working from home” a bit. Luckily, I have a stack of books I haven’t read yet. More on this situation later.

How excited was I when someone retweeted Martin Lawrence on Twitter? WAY TOO EXCITED. If you don’t know, I’m basically obsessed with Martin. (hence the Varnell Hill reference. Shame on you if you didn’t catch that.). After two whole days of dying of laughter over @MartinFLawrence, a friend told me it was a fake page. Le sigh. I’m still following anyway. Nothing will stand in the way of my jokes. Laughter by any means necessary.

That’s about it for now. I’ll write a post worth something tomorrow, Lord willing.



6 thoughts on “Did You Miss Me????!

  1. Alisha, I guess we are both sell outs cuz I live and die by the curling iron, flat iron and the creamy crack! I really enjoy your blogs and your articles for Clutch. Keep up the good writing. While you recooperate from your surgery, I know you will be busy writing!

    United by the Flat iron, Your sista,

    PS – have you tried the instyler?

    • Hey! Thanks so much for reading. I haven’t tried the Instyler, but I heard it works well. I might get one and try it out. I actually prefer curls to the total flat look.

  2. I read your post on Clutch…the relaxed hair = self haterd idea is so tired! I wish it would just go away! It was your article about your hair, and why you choose to straighten. Why are black people so opininated about someone else’s choices??? baffles me! Do you honey! As long as your hair is healthy who cares!

    Wish you a speedy recovery!

  3. First off, I wish you a speedy recovery on your upcoming surgery. I’m glad you are not taking anythng personally with those ignorant comments in the Clutch article. Hope you spend your time recovering and reading, my fav things.

    Some books to check out: Wench by Dolen Perkins Valdez, (if you like historical fiction) any book by Jennifer Weiner, (wicked funny), Ken Follet, The Pillars of the Earth, (if you’re up for a long, but exciting read.)

    • Thanks Katrina! Yes, I’m looking forward to Bitch is the New Black and Stephen King’s author memoir. I interviewed Dolen last year and bought the book at a book signing. It’s GREAT! My review is on the blog somewhere. I absolutely love historical books like that. I do want to read Pillars of the Earth.

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