SYAD Awards: Omarion

If you were born after 1984, I weep for you because it’s possible that you don’t understand the magnitude of what Omarion has done. It actually hurts me that I have to present this award to him. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a fan (a fan who hasn’t purchased any albums, but will try to learn all hot dance routines. *Cue “Touch.”* Then there’s that hair envy thing). Anyway, I found this while reading the Loop 21 and was instantly disappointed before even listening.

Omarion has “remade” Jodeci’s classic, “Come and Talk to Me.”

I know, I know. You’re shocked right now. You’re horrified, as am I. But, to his defense, I wouldn’t exactly call it a full-blown remake. It seems to be a snippet (thank God) from a mixtape. He’s changed some words (“Come and fuck wit’ me,” instead of “Come and talk to me.” Oh, you’re a regular ol’ genius, huh, O?) and along with that, completely butchered K-Ci’s flawless riffs. I mean, this a song that, for my generation, will forever be THAT song. The original version was beyond sexy, and the remix??? What???? That intro still sends me. What I wouldn’t have given to be one of those girls wearing that airbrushed denim jacket in the video.

Oh yes, somewhere the writer/producer DeVante’ Swing is spazzing out while trying to perfect his Pootie Tang ponytail.

Omarion, this is a no-no on so many levels, but moreso because this is a personal blow to my music life. A little background here: No one was a bigger Jodeci fan than I. At 12 years old, my two bestfriends and I would act like the entire Forever My Lady album. I had every appearance on BET, MTV and any other show on tape (yeah, I said tape).  No one could tell me, me and Mr. Dalvin wouldn’t be together, even after I saw T-Boz on the “Love U 4 Life” video. I went to their concert and instantly noticed a new edgier sound on their Diary of Mad Band album. The Show, Afterparty and Hotel album is still in heavy rotation, and I can’t forget this, which is still tucked away safely in my old closet at my parents’ house:

So yeah, you can’t tell me nothing about Jodeci–cracked out and all. You can imagine how I feel after hearing Mr. B2k take what was so pure and good, and turn it into a mixtape snippet.

Omarion, I appreciate the effort and the attempt to pay homage. I sure you were a fan, too, but I feel like you said, “F*ck yo’ couch!!” If you love us, you won’t release this as a full track. “Don’t do it, Miss Celie. Don’t trade places wit’ what I been through.”

Signed your something like a fan,



4 thoughts on “SYAD Awards: Omarion

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  2. HA!! Stop the madness Mr. O or should I say Mr. OOOO NOOO, don’t do it…RECONSIDER but in the meantime SYAD somewhere!!

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