Five Songs for the Other Woman

So the good people on “Black Twitter” tell me today is “National Side Chick Day.” I assume you know what a side chick is, but I’ll let Urban Dictionary define it in all its glorious rachetness:

A woman that is one level above a jump off but always a step below the wife, wifey, girlfriend. A side b*tch must know her part. She does not get holiday’s, birthday’s (other than her own). While he may meet your family. You will never meet his. A side b*tch is a woman who will have sex on Feb. 1-13 and spend Valentines day alone.


Evidently National Side Chick Day is the “other woman’s” Valentine’s Day. Since the man’s with his “main” woman on Love Day, the side chick gets February 15th, when everything is 50 percent off. I usually wouldn’t make light of this because it’s indeed, sad, but it happens daily. How do I know? Because songs have been written and recorded about it for years. I present to you the top five songs by women who were knowingly the side chick:

Saving All My Love For You ~ Whitney Houston

“….You’ve got your family, and they need you there. Though I try to resist being last on your list, but no other man’s gonna do…”

Uh huh, Whitney was creeping way back in the day before Bobby.

I’m So Into You ~ SWV

“Friends ask how could I give myself to someone who belongs to someone else. They just don’t know, your love’s so good that they would want it for themselves.”

He’s Mine ~ Mokenstef

“He might be doing you, but he’s thinking about me…”  *Slow blink* (I never got that one.)

As We Lay ~ Shirley Murdock

“I would never want to hurt her, no, no. She would never understand. You belong to me for just one night as we slept the night away…”

I’ll Be the Other Woman ~ The Soul Children featuring Betty Wright

“I’ll be the other woman all your life just as long as I’m the only one besides your wife.” (Well damn. *Gucci voice*)

To the women who are content being second, gold star for you. We all make choices, and we all have to live with them. If you think you’re the side chick, you probably are. Women’s intuition never lies. Lastly, people don’t like to admit it, but sometimes, side chicks become the #1 woman. Either way, it’s stressful at the least. You might as well enjoy some good music while you’re at it. Somebody out there feels your pain.


7 thoughts on “Five Songs for the Other Woman

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  3. Why celebrate what is frankly an act of cruelty against the innocent party in all this, the woman being cheated on? People who consider themselves the other woman have a lot more strength than they think to realise that they’re playing a losing game and to bail for someone AVAILABLE. There are plenty out there and there’s no reason to kid oneself that ruining another woman’s life is the way to do it, because that’s essentially what it’s doing.

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