Say You Like It…You Know You Like It!

After over a year of blogging at this site, I have a Facebook fan page, and I want you to ‘like’ it…as soon as you can.

Probably one of my flaws in this writing game is  my modesty. There’s a part of this thing requires self-promotion. I know it’s necessary. I love writing, and yes, I want others to read it, but I’ve always had an issue with just being “out there.”

I don’t consider myself to be self-indulgent, so neither is my writing (most times), but since getting into blogging in 2007, I noticed that folks don’t mind telling you what they’re doing, their accomplishments and even their failures. Today, I take that school of thought on. I’ve seen first hand how big-upping yourself can work, if done properly and in taste.

I don’t want all the fame and red carpet treatment, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a little notoriety. I am an Aries, you know. At the very least, I want to gain more skills and experience as a writer and I want you to read it. I only post to Facebook and Twitter and pray that someone retweets or shares my posts. That’s not doing much, is it? So, consider this fan page a small start. Sometime soon, I’ll get a real website, a sign that I’m taking writing seriously–because I am and I do.

In the meantime, click the logo or the Facebook logo on the sidebar, and get to liking and sharing!


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