Naturally Obsessed

A little update on this natural hair thing. I’m still going strong. No urge for a relaxer 14 months into this transition, and after my appointment at SuperCuts, I probably have an inch of relaxed ends in some places. The “kitchen” is completely natural. So far, I don’t feel overwhelmed with all this hair, but two things have happened that I didn’t expect.

1. I’m obsessed with hair products.

I haven’t been to my new stylist in weeks for no particular reason. She does a great job, but I know I need to be able to tackle this beast called my hair alone, too. I’ve been practicing my blow-drying and flat-ironing since I could do neither very well before. I’m a rollerset kind of girl. Between these hair blogs and talking with friends who are transitioning, I’m always tempted to try new products, which is crazy because it’s not like I’m doing anything spectacular with my hair. I wear it straight and occasionally, I may throw some Curl Formers in to add some curl.

I’m simple. I don’t want to have to fool with oils and sealing and co-washing. I just want to wash, condition, alleviate frizz and add shine. I’m determined to find one set of staple products that does this. I’ve bought all kinds of conditioners, leave-ins, serums and rollers. I don’t remember my grandmother using all that stuff when she pressed my hair as a little girl, and I had a head full of hair. For me, less is more.

I made a vow two weeks ago to forgo buying any more products after attempting a regular rollerset (came out decent, by the way. Use roller with caps!). I was doing well until I went to Target last night. I was looking for Giovanni Organics serum, only to find that they were out. I snagged John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease (used to be a staple back in the day when I lived in Louisiana) and Giovanni’s Wellness Shampoo. I tried the conditioner and loved it, so I completed my set. I have no willpower whatsoever, but atleast my purchase was under $10 tax included.

Here’s the short list of products I’ve used:

Twisted Sista Serum: This bad boy is $5 at Target. They’ve clearly expanded their “ethnic” hair care section. I wasn’t impressed with the results after the flat-iron. I think my heat protectant does a better job.

Garnier Smooth Milk: I used it, but not really. It’s for blow-drying, but you can use it on dry hair. I saw a difference even on my dry hair. I’m hoping that it, along with the John Frieda contributed to my hair not being as big as Texas this time around.

Grey Flexi-rods: After failing miserably, I realized that I’m just not ready to set my hair on these things yet. I don’t have the patience. I tried them on dry hair and proceeded to try to sleep in them. What the hell was I thinking? After 10 minutes in the bed, I got up and flung them out of my hair. Later for the flexis.

All that, then the stylist at SuperCuts suggested Redken’s Heat Glide to prevent dead ends from heat damage (I was well overdue for a trim) and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. A-yi-yi! They trying to stick me for my paper!

2. I miss the beauty shop. I ran across this post, Nostalgia: Black Beauty Salons on, and I’m telling you, this girl read my mind. I haven’t been inside a real salon since November. Dare I say that I miss it? No, definitely not the waiting, not sitting up under a dryer, but the atmosphere, the customers, the talk.  There’s just something about being in a beauty shop. Maybe I have a soft spot because I grew up in my granny’s shop. I went to my mama’s stylist until she left and my next stylist rented a booth in a granny’s shop until she retired. I have always, always been “at the shop.” It feels a little funny not being there. After a few trips down memory lane, I’m over it.


6 thoughts on “Naturally Obsessed

  1. Girl! I’m a product-aholic in general. Design Essentials has stolen my heart. I’ve been faithful for the last year! LOL. But I have the entire product line. From the flat iron to the hair wrap. Shampoo, conditioner, and maintenance.

  2. It’s funny that you’re a woman with a simple routine yet you’re trying to control your product junkie ways lol. Try to find products that get the job done and resist the urge to look for the “next best thing…” Also, treat yourself to a salon visit every now and then. You can get a wash/style and be on your way… taking care of your strands but also getting your dose of salon gab.

    • I actually made a YouTube tutorial on my flexirod sets and sleeping in them is a huge pain in the ass! Seriously… those things put me on edge and don’t lead to a nice night of rests. Still, the results can make you sacrifice…

  3. I too am going through a hair products obssession. Everytime I come across a blog saying how much they love this new product or that new product then I write it down and off to the store I go trying to get it. My pockets are hurting and I am definitely cutting back. I guess it goes to what you said to, about missing the hair salon. I don’t miss doing hair, but I do miss the salon environment, the chatter, the laughter. All of it. I’m going to have to do a blog post on this soon… Love the post as always 🙂

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