New Beginnings: Springing into Aries Season

Hey!! That was a short hiatus, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll be back in hiding after today. Thank God for a great surgery, loving family and friends, Loratabs and Gas-X. From this day forward, I will move ahead with a positive attitude and a spirit of thankfulness and hope. I should be sleeping, but my body is still on my work schedule so I’ve been awake since 7 a.m. Though I’m confined to my bed and sofa, it’s such a pretty day outside, I just had to post.

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of Aries season. Yes, that’s right, late March is here, so that means it’s time to celebrate. I have a minute before my birthday on April 10, but I wanted to acknowledge this time of the year early on. I believe a lot in astrology is true, but I don’t base my life off of it (although I can’t figure Pisces out for the life of me). I don’t get so into it that I take on what my daily horoscope projects for me.

I think we Arians sometimes get a bad rap. There seems to be more negative things written about us than positive. I’ll let that “selfish” thing go because unfortunately, it’s a tad true. Here’s a pretty good summary of  the Ram woman though, The Aries Woman: 10 Personality Traits. If you don’t give a d@mn about Aries or horoscopes for that matter, enjoy this video by Les Nubians. It’s old, but it’s a favorite “spring/summer” song of mine. Time to get your playlists together!


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