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This is probably the first time I’ve done this, but I have an unusual amount of time on my hands, so here goes. I’ve posted a few links to some interesting stories/articles below. I’ve created this habit of going through my favorite sites and blogs first thing in the morning and bookmarking them via Evernote. I do the same thing with Twitter. You’d be surprised about the number of newsworthy, yet hidden stories I find on Twitter. Well, maybe not, but anyway, here’s a short composite list of stories and a little something extra. Happy reading!

Ladies Feel Over The Hill At 29 (Jezebel)

10 Tumblrs of Color You Should Know (Coco + Creme)

The Library? What’s that? (AdrienneWrites)

Never Before Seen Photos Document James Earl Ray’s Incarceration in Memphis (Commercial Appeal)

Love Hurts…No, Really It Hurts: New Study Links Rejection to Physical Pain (Yahoo! Shine)

The Midadventures of Awkward Black Girl


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