Ghetto Booties, Good Reading and Even Better Music

Hey folks! A real post is coming soon, but in the meantime, check my piece in this week’s issue of Clutch, Have Black Women Been Reduced to the Booty? Who knew that story would have come from a plastic surgeon making a comment about the “ghetto booty” in the African-American community. Interesting comments there. Also, though I would love to keep it to myself (a friend called me a music elitist last week), I just can’t. this time You’ve got to hear this new trio from L.A., King. Erykah Badu tweeted about them this weekend, and ever since it’s been on (Did I mention that Ms. Badu, herself, is now following me? Too excited. It’s the little things.). Check out their website and get their EP for $3. I have not stopped listening to them since Friday night.

You have to know that Teedra Moses, my favorite underground and underrated artist is now signed to Rick Ross’  Maybach Music Group. It’s about time she was picked up by a major label, as she’s paid her dues (check out my latest interview with her) and continues to grind hard. I was scanning her website, only to find out that her debut album, Complex Simplicity. has been “chopped and screwed”!!! Rejoice!! I fell in love with “chopped and screwed” music, made famous by the late, great DJ Screw in Houston, after attending school in Louisiana. I was officially made “Third Coast” after living there for five years. Chopped and screwed makes everything better, trust. Here’s the link.

My FAV!!!

Enjoy and see you later!

*Image via Getty Images


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