Questions I’ll Probably Never Know the Answers To

Why does LisaRaye wear all white?

I know it’s her signature, but why white? I’m sure she’s explained this at some point, but of course, I wasn’t paying attention.

Why is it so hard to perfectly fold a  fitted sheet?

For the life of me, I can’t figure this one out. The gathers and elastic on the corners won’t let me be great. It might as well be a Rubix Cube.

Why do people think it’s okay to pull up to the Express/10 Items or less with a basket full of food?

Um, I know you can read. Yeah, I know there’s probably only two lanes open on a holiday weekend, but you still have to follow the rules. When I was a cashier at Target, I was constantly giving customers the side-eye and telling them, “Ma’am, you have more than 10 items….” Hate me now.

Why does Derek J insist on wearing his legs out?

Let it be known that I’m still not okay with a grown-ass man wearing a mustache and goatee with a chiffon blouse, but whatever works for you. No matter who or what you are, the rules are the same. Find your best body parts and accentuate them. Who in the hell told him his short stubby legs were it? I just can’t. I bet he doesn’t shave them either.

Why do couples, twins and best friends have joint accounts on social networks?

How many times have I seen “James and Lenora Williams” as a Facebook page or “SheenaandTeena” on Twitter. I don’t get it. Unless you run a business together or are  just plain crazy and insecure, you should have your own identity. Just my thoughts.

Why are weather reports are so long?

Unless there’s a storm or natural disaster on the way, I’ve never understood why it takes hours to tell me there’s a high of 84, with a 20 percent chance of rain.

Why do people take the elevator to the second floor?

It never fails. I’m on my way to the sixth floor of my work building, usually in a rush, some fool saunters on to the elevator and press the second floor button. That kills me! You couldn’t take the steps on the side? That’s our problem now: we don’t exercise.

Why did Public Enemy have a drill team?

I bet you I can look at Wikipedia right now and find out. Was it a tribute to the Black Panthers? It just all seemed to be too much, though it worked. You have a real rapper, a DJ who could double as a Wrestlemania act, two to four guys doing drills in army attire and Flavor Flav’s crazy ass. I see why white folks were scared. Fight the power!

Why is there an app for the Royal Wedding?

I love Kate Middleton’s style, and I know we stepchildren in the States are prone to become obsessed with any and everything. The fascination was to be expected, as the media ogled over the First Family once upon a time. An app though? I guess we have to feel needed in some kind of way, and a smart phone app will fill the void. Oh, America.

Who authorized this foolishness?

No explanation needed, but LMAO!!


5 thoughts on “Questions I’ll Probably Never Know the Answers To

  1. If I remember correctly, Lisa Raye said that white makes her feel royal or clean or something like that. Maybe I just made that up? lol… I do know that she answered this question on one of the episodes of her reality show.

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